Bihar Board 12th English Book 50 Marks Solutions Poem 7 The Soldier

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Bihar Board 12th English Book 50 Marks Solutions Poem 7 The Soldier

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Bihar Board 12th English The Soldier Textbook Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Why is the poet thinking of death ?
The poet fighting in a foreign field of battle is pinning for home. It is the grim possibility of death away from home, rather than death as such, that is so agonising.

Question 2.
Where is he now ?
He is now in a foreign land.

Question 3.
Where is his home ?
His home is England.

Question 4.
If he should die, where will he be buried ? What words tell you ?
If he dies in a battle, he will lie in his grave in a foreign land. The grave he tells us, will be filled with the spirit of a true so of England.

Question 5.
Has a place been set apart for his burial ? What words tell you ?
His burial place will be in a comer of strange land far from home.

Question 6.
How can some corner in a foreign land be forever England ? Explain in 70-75 words.
The poet feels that the day is not far off when he will die on a battle field far from home. Even then he will cherish his love for England in his heart of hearts. Indeed, that comer of the foreign land where he will be buried, will become a part of England. It will be a strip of England as it will cover the remains of an English patriot, a patriot who will cherish his love for England even in death.

Question 7.
What is the human body mode of ?
The human body is made of five elements e.g. dust, air, watr, heat & sky.

Question 8.
Where was the soldier bom and brought up ? What words tell you about his gradual growth ?
The solider was bom and brought up in England. It was England that gave him the breath of life, the sense to feel, flowers to love and roads to roam about. So long as he lived, he breathed English air bathed in the water of English rivers and warmed himself in the cheerful eyes of the sun of home.

Question 9.
Look at the phrase her sights and sounds in line 12. What sights and sounds are actually meant
The sights and sounds of Nature that delighted the poet in England, in his youth are actually meat here.

Question 10.
Decide what kind of life indoor or outdoor, the soldier as a growing child was fond. What words tell you ?
The soldier as a growing child was fond of flowers. English air, swimming in rivers and being blessed by suns of home ?

Question 11.
How will the soldier’s presence be felt after his death ?
The young soldier is a noble son of England and loves his country passionately. He feels that he will carry his love of England, his English memories, feeling and emotions wherever he may be. If he, dies and lies buried in a foreign country he will cherish his love for England even in death. May his very spirit will be filled with the love of England as the spirit hovers in the silent air. That is why even that comer of a foreign field where he will live buried, will for ever be England, as it will hold he remains of an English patriot.

Thus the solider’s presence will be felt after his death.

Question 12.
Give a critical appreciation or acquaintance of the poem.
Or, Show that you have read and understood the poem,’ ‘The Soldier”.
Or, Show your acquaintance with the poem “The Soldier”.
Or, Critically appreciate the poem “The Soldier”.
“The Soldier” is one of the very few patriotic poems of English literature composed by Rupert Brooke. It is as forecefull as inspiring. It is ‘sonner’ consisting of fourteen lines and whirling around one central theme The theme of this sonnet is patriotic sacrifices of a true soldier.

It may be recalled here that the poet was himself an active soldier and he laid down his life in a foreign land while fighting for his motherland. So the whole poem seems to be a preface to his own life, and the feeling expressed here are depictive of his own life, as if he knew that he would have to die in a foreign land. So the very first lines. “If I should die” shakes the hearts of the readers who know the tragic end that he had to meet,

(i) The poet has expressed his gratitude for the nation where he was bom and brought up.
(ii) He feels and wants his country men to feel that even the foreign lands where a soldier dies, become a part of the mother nation because the dust of the bodies of the soldiers was of the mother nation. That dust is so far more purer and dearer than the dust of the foreign lands where the soldier dies and is buried.
(iii) He also feels like we Indians do, that it is only body that dies, not the soul. The soul remains and watches everything from the universe.

As a matter of fact, Indian mythological interpretation of life and death the immortality of soul as preached by lord Krishna in his GITA. Influence and inspired many great poets and writers of the 20th century England; Y. B. Yeats and Rupert Brooke are being amongst them.

The style is very simple and lucid. The expression is too clear and pentrative. Although it does not bear much of music value, but music is not “The AH” in a good poem. Really it is one of the very few war sonnets with immense death of thought and patriotic feelings.

The Soldier Word Meanings

Corner = कोना । dust = धूल | roam = घूमना । pulse = नब्ज I etarnal = शाश्वत । thoughts = विचार ।

The Soldier Paraphrase

1. If I should …………….. of home.

The poet who is an active solider in the war field, wants that if he died in action fight up for the cause of nation on a foreign land his country men should feel that the foreign land where he is buriedsa a part of the same mother land where he was bom. The dust of the dead body is richer than the dust of the foreign land where he is buried. ‘The dust of the soldier’s body was of England. He got his awareness; (his soul) from that land. The flowers of love that he got in life were of England. He roamed on the streets of that country breathed the air of his motherland, took wash in the rivers there and got the bliss of the home, lands and sun. Precisely speaking what every physical or mental existence he has is the gift of his motherland as he is bom and brought up there.

2. And think …………….. heaven.

Further the poet expresses that if he dies heroically fighting for the nation all the sins that he might have committed will be washed away and his heart will be pure. That purer heart will become a part of the Eternal mind (After death soul becomes a part of God). That ever existing soul will always remain watchful to the motherland. It will constantly enjoy the motherland’s sights, hear its sounds and will dream for it. It will enjoy the laughter and gentleness that the soldier had learnt from his friends during his life time. The soldier’s heart will live in peace the heaven of England for all time.

The Soldier About the Poet

Rupert Brooke (1887-1915) is one of the foremost names among the poets of 20th century. He shall always be remembered specially for his war and patriotic poems.

Brooke was the son of a Rugby master and spent his early life in affluence. He got his early education at Rugby school and later at king’s College Cambridge. He took active part in the first world war of 1914 and then travelled extensively in North America and South Seas. He died in 1915 in the Mediterranean where he was buried at Scyros.

Brooke won the hearts of his fellow country men with his patriotic poems along with his patriotic life. He lived and died for his nation. “Colected Poems”, 1914 Group of Sonnets and his letters sent from Amercan and published in the English magazines of U.K. won him world-wide applause.

The Soldier Introduction

The poem “Solider” is a monologue in which the poet; being himself an active solider and fighting for his nation in a far off land, sings his own song; talks of his own sacrifice and wants the people of country to believe that or true soldier fighting and laying down his life, never dies. He becomes immortal and where ever he dies, the place becomes a part of his nation.

The Soldier Summary in Hindi

रॉबर्ट ब्रोक द्वारा रचित कविता ‘सैनिक’ है जो इंगलैंड के सबसे सुन्दर युवक था । कवि ने यह कहा कि जब वह मरेंगे उनके शव को इंगलैंड की जमीन पर एक कोने में जगह दे दिया जाए जिससे वह उसी सरजमीन पर रहे । जब युद्ध शुरू हो तो हवा सब कुछ अपने अन्दर छुपा ले और पानी उन सभी को बहा दे जो दूसरों के ऊपर अपना राज करना चाहते हैं । वे चाहते थे कि वे जब रास्ते पर चलने लगे तो उनके लिए अनजान हो कोई प्यार से उन्हें रास्ता दिखाये । वे नहीं चाहते थे कि उनके दिमाग में कुछ भी आये जो राष्ट्र के लिए बेकार हो । वे एक शान्तिपूर्ण देश चाहते थे । वे चाहते थे कि कोई भी देश एक-दूसरे को मत मारे । वे इंगलैंड की भूमि को अपने आप के लिए स्वर्ग के समान मानते थे ।

The Soldier Summary in English

In the poem a true soldier (A true solider fights and dies for the sake of his nation, not for money) humbly express what he exactly wants. He is fighting for his nation in a foreign country. But if he dies there, he wants his country men to feel that thy foreign country where he died and is buried is not exactly “foreign”. It is a part of England : because the body, soul and everything that the soldier had, were bom and brought up in England. The valuable dust of the poet’s body is the dust of England.

The poet express his gratitude to England, his mother land. He is proud of having been bom there. The air that he breathed; the rivers that he bathed into, food clothes and all the things that are essential for a man’s existence came from his mother land. He is indebted to England for any and everything that he has.

After death, his heart becomes a part of the great power that governs that universe. It has become purer because all the sins that he might have done are washed away for the virtuous patriotic death that he died. But even after death and becoming physically inexistant, spiritually he remains with his nation He sees it, feels and hears its sound. His thoughts are the same that he got from his mother land. Mildness and moderateness of character that are the essential qualities of a true Englishman, are still there.

In this way the author very nicely depicts the virtues of a true soldier that are patriotic feelings. He is with the nation even after his death in short a true soldier never dies and his country men should realise his values and sacrifices for all the time to come.

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