Bihar Board Class 10 English Book Solutions Poem 7 The Sleeping Porter

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Panorama English Book Class 10 Solutions Poem 7 The Sleeping Porter

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A. Work in a small group and discuss the question given below:

The Sleeping Porter Is Challenging Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 1.
Suppose you have to climb up the fourth floor of a building with a heavy load on your back. Will, you feel any trouble doing so? Talk about the trouble that you will face.
Climbing on the fourth floor of a building with a heavy load on my back is a very difficult task. Going on the fourth floor makes me quick gasping for breath. I will be sweating and out of breath. Climbing will make me breathing trouble. It will make me weak and painful.

B. 1. Answer the following questions very briefly:

The Sleeping Porter Summary In Hindi Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 1.
How much load have the Porter on his back?
A twenty-five-kilo load, the porter has on his back.

The Sleeping Porter Poem Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 2.
What distance does the Porter cover in the snows of winter?
The Porter covers six miles distance in the snows of winter.

The Sleeping Porter Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 3.
Who is challenging the mountain?
The Porter is challenging the mountain.

To Sleep Poem Questions And Answers Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 4.
What type of Cap is he wearing?
He is wearing a dirty, sweaty black cap.

Porter Bangalore Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 5.
What type of smell does the Porter emit?
The Porter smells a sulphur-like sour smell.

B. 2.1. Answer the following questions:

Porter Service Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 1.
What is there on the cliff?
There is a hut on the cliff.

Porter Customer Care Bihar Board Class 10 English Question 2.
What is the mother searching?
The mother is searching for nettles and vines.

Question 3.
Who is the hero of the mountain?
The porter is the hero of the mountain.

Question 4.
What is meant by lid of night?
It means that the sky is covered with stars. The poet imagines it as a lid of the night.

Question 5.
Who is reigning over the rich kingdom of sleep?
The porter is reigning over the rich kingdom of sleep because he was in deep sleep due to tiredness of his day’s work.

C. 1. Long Answer Questions:

Question 1.
The poet has focused on trials and tribulations of the porter. Elucidate.
Life is full of little trials Neither happiness nor SouTuw is our ultimate destiny or goal Rather it is action that leads us to each new day away from the day that is past. We should work a trial because action and achievement in
the present is what helps one to make our lives remarkable. Tribulation is a : situation which one has to be maintained. While working a time of ribulation (दुःख तकलीफ) appears. Porter bears such tribulation bravely. Thus he gets success.

Question 2.
A mother is searching for nettles and vines who is she? Why is she I searching such things?
She is the mother of the boy who is shivering with cold. :. : She is searching nettles and vines. Nettles have power to remove the pain of hunger. Because her son is hungry she must remove her son’s hunger.
The second thing is vine. If she would get that she must get ride of hunger. i.

Question 3.
Determination, hard work and continuity win the race. Do you agree? Write your opinions with reference to the poem “The sleeping Porter?”
Those who are full of determination, steady and hard-working succeed in the long run. If we are steady in our efforts and go on doing a thing with a strong mental make-up, we can surely win the race. We should consider it as our duty. Duty gives us solace and comfort from the woes of life and gives us the sight to behold its beauty and love. Duty inspires us frail spirits to brave the struggles of life and provides with protection and shelter. This inspiring poem is full of zeal and hope-inspiring one to be a leader and a hero. like the partner who struggles even in poverty and succeeds.

C. 2. Group Discussion.

Question 1.
The Porters are the symbols of hard work.
The Porters are the symbols of hard work. It is true to say. A portion: is an important worker. He carries heavy loads on his head and back. His lot is very hard. His duty inspires us. His life is a symbol of reality, a truth and hard ..: work. Action is the keystone of a complete life as it heralds each new day lays . to rest the day gone by. Porter’s action and hard duty help us to understand something. Just as a porter does hard labour to support his family, he works with full determination and in continuity to get money. We should learn to labour. Our hearts which appear strong and courageous are actually taking us : nearer of our physical deaths. So we should labour constantly as porter does.

Question 2.
All human beings are Porters on this earth.
All human beings are Porters on this earth, is true to say. Every man has to do work to live. One should believe that to work like a porter shows the paths of duty. It is duty towards himself, family, society and towards the nation. Duty serves to overwhelm the futile (निरर्थक) terrors. of failure and grief that haunt us by setting us free from useless temptation. It sets a course : governed by rules and order for us and helps to give peace and respite to tired and weak humanity engaged in the struggle of life. Thus we all are like porters have to do hard work to live a human life.

C. 3. Composition

Question 1.
Write a letter to your mother explaining how labour never goes in vain.

201h March 2012

My Dear Maa,
I was overjoyed to receive your long-awaited letter yesterday. Reading it made me forget my homesickness for a while, and brought forth pleasant memories. My studies are going on at an even pace. I do hard labour. I know honest labour never goes in vain. We all know that our sincere labour for anything often succeed. You know Mamma that a man who works with hear and courage never fails in achieving his aim. It is this that we need to do honest labour to go to great height in life. An easy-going man who depends on chances and fate rarely (शयद ही) reaches the top of life. In true sense that labour not only does it help us in living a life of dignity but also give d. tremendous self-confidence. Hard work and devotion become immortal.

Thus I would also seek your blessings in pursuing this career please give my regards to daddy, and love to my dear sister Pranita.

Your affectionate son

D. Word Study
D.1. Dictionary Use:

Ex. 1.
Write the meanings of the words given below:

rule a luggage-carrier curse
under consisting of two spot

Rule = law = कानून
A luggage-carrier = porter = कुली
Curse = evil words = शाप
Under = below = नुचे
Consisting of two = made up of two = दो से बना हुआ
Spot = small mark — दना

Ex. 2.
Write the antonym for each of the following words:

load hill honest correct
far dull dirty natural


Words Antonyms
Load unload
Hill field
Honest dishonest
Correct incorrect
Far near
Dull sharp
Dirty clean
Natural unnatural

Comprehensive Based Questions with Answers

Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow each.

1. A twenty-five-kilo load on his back
spine double bent
a six-mile climb up in the snows of winter
naked bones, skeleton-like frail frame
yet facing an uphill task
he is challenging the mountain. [Board Exam. 2011 (A)]
Questions :
(i) Name the poem and the post.
(ii) Who is described in these lines?
(iii) What does he do?
(iv) What is his task?
(v) Find word from the passage which means: Weak structure.
(i) This stanza has been taken from the poem ‘The sleeping Porter’ and the poet is Laxmi Prasad Devkota.
(ii) A porter is described in these lines.
(iii) He does a work of coolie. Taking a load of twenty-five kilo he climbs a six-mile up the mountain.
(iv) His task is to climb uphill taking heavy load.
(v) Frail frame.

2. He is wearing a black cap
dirty, sweat-stained
his body is an abode of fleas and lice
his mind very dull
although it emits a sulphur-like sour smell
but what a stout human figure!
(i) Who has been described in this stanza?
(ii) How is his body?
(iii) How is his mind?
(iv) What type of man is he?
(v) Explain : fleas and lice’.
(i) A porter and his alleviation have been described here.
(ii) His body is an abode of fleas and lice.
(iii) His mind is rit wit (ean)
(iv) Though his appearance is penurious condition yet he is a man of bold personality.
(v) Porter’s body is full of insects and lice due to his dirty living. He would not wash his clothes and even his body. In such condition, lice grow in human body.

3. Like a bird.
his heart is twittering, panting
he is sweating and out of breath
A hut on the cliff
his son shivering with cold
woes of hunger
the mother searching for nettles and vines.
(i) How does the poet give us an idea of time?
(ii) What made the poet in grieve?
(iii) Why is the porter’s son shivering?
(iv) Explain nettles and vines.
(i) The porter’s son is shivering with cold. This line shows the idea that it is the time of winter.
(ii) Porter’s family is poor, so his son is shivering with cold, due to lack of warm clothes arid is hungry also. These things make poet in grieve to describe them.
(iii) The porter’s son is shivering with cold, It shows that due to poverty he has no sufficient clothes for the cold weather.
(iv) The poet has used two words, nettles and vines: They have hid den meaning. Nettle is a stinging plant which is used to remove for any sharp pain of body or mind, the string of a whip, northeast wind or hunger. Since the boy woes of hunger, his mother has no food to feed him, so she is searching nettlė plants so that she may remove the pain of hunger.

The second word is Vines. It means any plant which produces like peas,’ grapes or hop. Mother is in search of such plant so that she may get some peas, grapes or hop, so that she may feed him in to get rid of his hunger.

4. Beneath this hero of the mountain
the proud conqueror of nature
are the snow-clad peaks
only the star-studded lid of night.
In this night
the porter is in deep slumber
“reigning over the rich kingdom of sleep.
(i) Who is the conqueror of the nature?
(ii) Why is the porter in deep sleep?
(iii) What is the realisation that comes to the speaker in the end?
(iv) What is the message that the poet wants to convey?
(i) The porter is the conqueror of the nature.
(ii) Because he was dead tired of hard work.
(iii) The speaker is surprised to find that in spite of excessive cold the porter is in deep sleep.
(iv) The concluding lines give a message that we should do our duty. He advises everyone to ‘Labour and wait’. Let us act, with a heart strong enough to face any challenge of destiny, working hard all the while and waiting for the results.

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