Bihar Board 12th English Book 50 Marks Solutions Chapter 3 Good Manners

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BSEB Bihar Board 12th English Book 50 Marks Solutions Chapter 3 Good Manners

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Bihar Board Class 12 English Good Manners Text Book Questions and Answers

Question 1.
a. What happened to the healthy young man ?
The healthy young man became quite weak even after recovery from the severe attack of influenga.

b. What did the young man notice in trains and buses afterwards ?
Afterwards the young man notice in trains and buses the story young men sitting comfortably while some of the older people who looked exhausted like himself kept standing.

c. What did he always do afterwards ?
Afterwards wherever he travelled by a train or bus became quite considerate and kind to older people and offered his own seat to one who was in need of a seat.

d. What should you be careful of when speaking to some one ?
When speaking to some one we should be careful of our expression, we should see that whatever we speaking is sufficiently enettigible to the listeners.

e. What does the writer of this extract say about truth ?
The writer of this extract says that truth is never a one sided affair. It takes two to speak the truth; one can not speak the truth by saying what one thinks is truth. What we say is never an absolute truth for it has different meaning for different persons under different situations.

f. What should be the rule about conversation ?
We should be careful about our speech while conversing with others. We should try to follow some principles in this regard. In our general conversation if the company is large, we should take only fair share of it and allow others to speak. If we are only two, each one of us should share it equally. It is quite tiring to go on listening so when one has already spoken a little, one should keep quite and allow the others to speak. If he does not respond it means he does not like the conversation to continue.

g. Why should you be careful when talking about other people ?
When talking about other people we should be careful because any thing spoken about them is likely to find a way to them in one form or other.

h. What did the picture of the bull fight prove ?
The picture of the bull-fight proved that one may be absolutely wrong while showing one’s confidence in being absolutely correct/right.

i. What factors produce good manners ?
Compassion and realisation of one’s limitations produce good manners.

j. What is the meaning of I shall not pass this way again ?
According to Christian doctrine there is no rebirth for any being. A man comes only once in this world so there is no charice for his second coming. Hence he should not miss the chance of helping those who desire or deserve our help.

In exercises 2 to 4 below, re-write all the sentences like sentence (ii) below.

Question 2.
(i) Perhaps he will be severely injured,
(ii) He may be severely injured.

a. Perhaps he will be promoted next year.
He may be promoted next year.

b. Perhaps the com will be cut next weak.
The com may be cut next year.

c. Perhaps the results will be announced on Tuesday.
The results may be announced on Tuesday.

d. Perhaps the theatre will be closed tomorrow.
The theatre may be closed tomorrow.

Question 3.
(i) Would you please post this letter for me.
(ii) I should be greatful of you would post this letter for me.

a. Would you please turn the light off.
I should be greatful if you would turn the light off.

b. Would they please get the dinner ready ?
I should be greatful if they would get the dinner ready.

c. Would be please repair my type writer.
I should be greatful if the would repair my type writer.

d. Would you please leave the room.
I should be greatful if he would leave the room.

Question 4.
(i) Say a little, then keep quite.
(ii) When you have said a little, keep quiet.

a. Take your shoes off, then go upstairs.
When you have taken your shoes off, go upstairs.

b. Load your gurs, then wait for the Command.
When you have loaded your guns, wait for the command.

c. Read the text, then answer the questions.
When you have read the text, answer the questions.

d. Light the stove, then put the kettle on it
When you have lighted the stove, put the kettle on it.

Question 5.
In this extract there are the words ? and it would save great deal of argument and annoyance if people paid attention to it Use this as a model and put the verbs below in their appropriate tenses.

a. It (be) very helpful if you (give) we an advance of salary.
It would be very helpful if you gave me an advance of salary.

b. if i (go) to England I (go) by plane.
If I went to England I would go by plane.

c. He (learn) a lot more if he (read) more widely.
He would leam a lot more if he read more widely.

d. If you (climb) that hill you (have) a good view.
If you climbed that hill you would have a good view.

Question 6.
In the sentence below certain words or phrases are in italics.
Use words or phrses from this extract the place so as to give the same meaning (refer to paras I-II only).

(a) India has a very large number of people.
(b) The building was very badly damged.
(c) Your duty is to look after the house.
(d) Those dogs cause us a great deal of trouble.
(e) Don’t worry about my servant; you can speak quite openly.
(f) Don’t talk too loudly, the enemy may hear what you are saying.
(g) You must come to court and give a report about the accident.
(h) He is perfectly sure about passing the examinatioin.
(i) Please write a short summary of this lecture.
(j) I am reasonably sure about it.
(a) India has a very large population.
(b) The building was dangerously damaged.
(c) Your responsibility .is to look after the house.
(d) Those dogs cause us a great deal of annoyance.
(e) Don’t worry about my servant; you can speak quite frankly.
(0 Don’t talk too loudly, the enemy may overhear.
(g) You must come to court and give a evidence about the accident.
(h) He is perfectly confident about passing the examination.
(i) Please write a short account of this lecture.
(j) I am considerable sure about it.

Question 7.
Use the follwoing words or phrases once only in the sentences below: artificial, sympathy, defer, fragile, attack, complain, insult, take a dislike, uniform, neglect.
(a) My neighbour has ……… to me, so he often ……… about my dog.
(b) You must never ……… your ……… keep itclean and pressed.
(c) I have ……… no for people who beat their children.
(d) He has had an ……… of fever, so he will ……… the meeting until Thursday.
(e) The roses on that box are ……… they are made of glass and are very ………
(f) Don’t call a person a pig, as it is a bad ………
(a) take a dislike; complains
(b) neglect, uniform
(c) sympathy
(d) attack; defer
(e) artificial; fragile
(f) insult.

Question 8.
Some people have bad manners. What bad manners, in your opinion, are the worst ?
Young people usually make a fun of the old, weak or handicapped persons. While travelling by a bus or train they do not like even to accommodate them not to talk of vacating their seats for them. At the crossing the cyclists hurl abuses at them. When they find it difficult to cross the roads.

But the worst type of bad manners may be noticed when they take their appreciation quite literally. An appreciation is considered as a depreciation. Suppose a young man is smartly dressed in Khaki and an old lady remarks ‘Just as a police man’. The young man would sharply react because by police man he understood a police constable which he never liked to be. But the old lady knowing no distinction between a police man and a police officer passed that remark in appreciation of the man. Here the sharp, offensive words of the young man would be a sing of worst incivility in him.

Good Manners Word Meanings

Fold-people = लाख गीत Influenza-a type of disease like a very bad cold = एक तरह का बुखार | prenomonia-serious illness with inflammation of one or both lungs = एक प्रकार की भयंकर बीमारी | recovered-became cured = पुनः प्राप्त करना tryina-difficult, troublesome = कठिन gradually-by slow degree – धीरे – धीरे to make fun-to ridicule, mock, to laugh at severe to blows serious attacks = मजाक उडाना fragile-annoyance vexation = ठीका कारन tiresomeirritating = थकावट shorts-pant = पेंट silly-foolish = मूर्ख literally-taking only the surface meaning = साहित्यिक

greatful-to be obliged = क्रुतग्न franklyclearly = स्पष्ट रूप से constantly- continuously = लगातार delighted-happy, pleased = प्रसन्न exhausted-tired = थका हुआ assume-think = मानना overbear-hear without the knowledge of the speaker, hear by chance = कभी-कभी सुनना | evidence-anything that proves something = प्रमाण । knock over-run over = कटकटाना bull fight-a sport in Spain = स्पेन में सीढ़ी की लड़ाई का खेल | account-description = वर्णन limitations-things which unit our character or abilities making us weaker = सीमा humble-showing a modest opinion of oneself; one’s position = विनम्र defer-put off to a later time, postpone = त्याग देना

Good Manners Summary in Hindi

Good manners J.C. Hills का एक विचारात्मक निबन्ध है उनका कहना है कि हमारे जीवन में सद्व्यवहार का अत्यधिक महत्व है । इनसे हमारा जीवन शान्तिपूर्ण और सुखद बनता है। कुछ समय पहले हमलोग इसकी महत्ता को नहीं समझते थे । वास्तविकता तो यह है कि अच्छे ढंग या अच्छा व्यवहार हमारी सतत् सहायता करता है । वयस्कों को चाहिए कि वे बूढ़ों का आदर करें । यदि हम बूढ़े और अपने से बड़े का आदर करेंगे तो हमारा भी आदर और सम्मान होगा। यह संसार का विधान है यदि हम दूसरों का सम्मान करते हैं तो दूसरे भी हमारा सम्मान करेंगे। बलवान व्यक्ति को चाहिए कि वे कमजोरों को सदा सहायता करें। अतः यदि हम बड़े और कमजोर की सहायता करेंगे तो एक दिन हम भी सुख का अनुभव करेंगे।

मुझे एक युवा व्यक्ति की एक कहानी याद आती है । वह बलवान, कठिन और परिश्रमी एवं दयालु था । वह बहुत ही सक्रिय था । लेकिन उसके मन में उनके लिए कोई सहानुभूति नहीं थी जो उसे नहीं चाहते थे । एक बार ऐसी घटना घटी कि वह बीमार पड़ गया । वह बहुत कमजोर हो गया। उसने अपनी शक्ति खो दी । अब उसने महसूस किया कि वह अब निःसहाय है । इसके बाद उसने अपने जीवन की पद्धति बदल डाली । उसने वृद्ध और कमजोर लोगों से प्यार करने लगा । जब कभी वह यात्रा पर जाता था वह अपनी जगह कमजोर और बूढ़े को दे देता था।

इस संदर्भ में लेखक सलाह देता है कि बूढ़े और कमजोर के प्रति हमें दया और सहानुभूति प्रदर्शन करना चाहिए । हमें प्रत्येक उम्र के दीन-दुखियों के प्रति सहानुभूति रखनी चाहिए। हमें यह मानना चाहिए कि कमजोर व्यक्ति भी एक समय महान् और प्रसिद्ध योद्धा रहा होगा । सही मायने में हमें अपने जीवन को आसान बनाना चाहिए । हमें जीवन के हर क्षेत्र में साफ सुथरा रहना चाहिए । किसी के साथ अभद्रतापूर्ण व्यवहार नहीं करना चाहिए । एक अमेरिकन लेखक के अनुसार सच बोलना चाहिए और सच सुनना चाहिए ।

एक जगह लेखक हमें सलाह देता है कि किसी के प्रति कटु वचन का व्यवहार नहीं करना चाहिए, किसी की पीछे बुराई नहीं करनी चाहिए । हमारे समाज में स्पष्ट वक्ता बनना आसान नहीं है । कुछ लोग सिर्फ बातें ही करते हैं । वे दूसरों की सुनना नहीं चाहते हैं । वास्तव में यह बहुत बुरी आदत है । संगीत में सभी को बोलने का समान अवसर देना चाहिए।

सही माने में अच्छे ढंग संगति से और पानी अपनी सीमा के ज्ञान से आता है हमें सतत् ध्यान में रखना चाहिए कि हम विनम्र हैं और संसार सबसे छोटे व्यक्ति हैं । हमें दयालुता और मित्रता को बढ़ाना चाहिए ।

इस तरह हम कह सकते हैं कि हम जीवन के वास्तविक आनन्द का अनुभव तभी कर सकते हैं जब हम अच्छे ढंग का अनुगमन करेंगे । यदि हम अच्छे ढंग और सुसभ्य हैं तो हमारी प्रसिद्धि होगी । हमें सदा स्वतन्त्र और स्पष्ट बनकर बिना समाज को नुकसान पहुँचाए रहना चाहिए ।

Good Manners Summary in English

“Good Manners” are most desirable when a young man are with older people. They require his sympathy. Young people should treat older persons kindly and sympathetically. They should be considerate to them. They should try to make life easy for older people. When they grow old they will feel happier for having helped when they could.

Good manners are also important when younger people are in the company of their friends. They should he clear in their speech so that bearers may have no difficulty in understanding them. One should change ones expression from person to person because the same word may carry different meanings 4 for different people. Young people should be polite in their day to day dealings.

Sometimes even complementary words from elderly persons irritate young men. If an elderly lady looking at a boy’s dress enquires whetler he is a boy scout he should not feel insulted. The lady might have been impressed by. his . smartness. It is only foolish people who take such remarks literally. They should try to understand the intended meaning of the speaker. One must be very cautious in one’s conversation.

A man can be frank with those who welcome frankness, otherwise he should be guarded in his speech. Conversation is never a one way traffic. It requires at least two sides. When one is engaged in talk, one should also allow the listener to express himself. One who goes on speaking without alloing others to speak is called a bore. So a speaker should turn a listener after speaking for some time. Sometimes it is Quite pleasant to be quiet when the other man in company does not like the talk to continue.

It is never decent to speak ill of someone behind his back nor it is safe to soeak so because our remarks usually find their way to the person with our k name attached.

We usually think that only we are right others are quite wrong. This over confidence is not wanted in a polite society. So in our argument with other persons we should remember that there is all possibility of our being wrong, however confident we may feel about it.

Good manners come from compassion, understanding and realisation of one’s limitations. What we very confidently call the truth is just our truth and part of a larger Truth. We should always keep in our mind that we are humble, unimportant little people on this earth. We should try to help the world as much as we can in our short stay on this earth. Fellow feeling and kindliness are essential human virtues. We should try to help our fellow men as much as we can because we may not get another chance to come in this world as human beings.

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