Bihar Board Class 11 English Book Solutions Read, Think and Enjoy Chapter 7 Letter To Cork

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Rainbow English Book Class 11 Solutions Read, Think and Enjoy Chapter 7 Letter To Cork

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Bihar Board Class 11 English Letter To Cork Textual Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Dean Mahomed says that an animal is commonly sold by measurement Does the practice continue even today ? How is elephant sold now ?
No, the practice of selling an animal by measurement does not continue any longer.

An elephant is sold by bargaining. If the elephant is young, gentle, healthy and well-trained, it can fetch a good price. There are brokers who help to strike the bargain for a fee.

Question 2.
How many animals does the author describe in his letter ? Which are they ? Do they have anything common about them ?
The author has described three animals. They are – the elephant, the rhinoceros, and the camel.

All these animals are large, bulky and strong.

Question 3.
Write a letter to your foreign friend describingyour favourite Indian animal.
Dear Shashank.

I am glad to read the description of your favourite animal, the llama.

My favourite animal is the donkey, also known as the ass.

The donkey belongs to the horse family, but it is much smaller, It is about a metre high. It has long ears, thin legs and a bushy tail. It lives on grass which it crops with its sharp teeth.

I love a donkey because it is a symbol of humility and hard work. It cannot am fast like a horse. Of course, it does not look as graceful either. But it can cany heavy loads without complaint. It plays a vital role in our village economy. The dhobi or the washerman uses it to carry dirty clothes to the village pond or the river. While the washerman washes clothes, the hobbles his donkey and let it graze. In the afternoon he loads the donkey with washed clothes to bring home. ,

It is no less useful to the potter. He digs clay, and the donkey carries it to his house. He was the donkey to carry pots from one place to another, The donkey is also useful to the farmer to cany his produce to the market.

Indeed the unassuming donkey does a lot of work. But it is given very little to eat. It manages to browse here and there. My grandfather had a beautiful donkey. We have his picture in our drawing room. I am enclosing a copy of it for you to admire.

Yours sincerely

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