Bihar Board Class 9 English Essay Writing

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Bihar Board Class 9 English Essay Writing

1. The most enjoyable month of the year

There are twelve months in a year. Each month has its own charms. Different people like different months. Everybody has his own likes and dislikes, but we can consider March to be the most enjoyable month of the year. Most of the people love this month.

The month of March brings beautiful sights and sounds. The earth looks lovely during this month. The trees put forth tender leaves. Different kinds of beautiful flowers bloom during this month. When we walk in a garden, we are charmed by the dizzling coloours and sweet scent of flowers. The lovely roses enchant us. The bees fly from one flower to another in search of money. They butterflies with their multicoloured wings catch that fancy of children.

The earth wears a green garment during this month. The com fields offer a feast of joy. We can feast our eyes on the yellow flowers of mustard fluttering in the breeze. The ears of wheat swaying in the wind fill the peasants with joy.

The month of March brings the enchanting notes of the cuckoo. It seems that the cuckoo is mad with joy. We can hear the sweet songs of other birds in the early morning.

The days of March are very pleasant. This month is neither too hot nor too cold. It is good for health.

I like the month of March most, because it offers beautiful scenes. We have neither the bitting cold of winter not the scorching sun of summer during this month. It brings the Holi festival which provides a lot of joy and fun.

March is such a delightful month that if makes us forget our cares and anxieties, its beauties and charms make it the most enjoyable month of the year. We await its arrival eagerly.

2. Science-friend or enemy ?

Science is never a curse, rather it is a good blessing. Some persons call it a curse. I don’t agree with them. It is the people who use it in different ways. Here science is not at fault. Bombs, atom bombs and atomic energies were not invented for wars of for the people the bombarded. Planes were not invented to carry the wapons for war.

Today is the era of Science. We can’t do without it. Science is our life. In every walk of life, we need science. A peasant has to apply the methods of science for his agricultural purpsoe. Then he will get good result. Electricity, railways, cars, and planes are the gifts of science.

Electricity gives us light and water. Both are essential for us. Water is our life. We sit under electric fan; and work smoothly. We travel by trains, cars and planes and finish our work in no time. The time is past, when we covered our journey on foot. The country which is scientifically developed in certainly a developed country. If we lag behind in science, we must lag behind in other things also.

3. World peace

All the world over people crave for peace. The leaders and politicians of the world are trying to achieve world peace. But many difficulties come in the way. There is fear and suspician among nations Russia suspects the motives of America. America likewise does not trust Russia, Pakistan, Says that it is afraid of India. That is why she is arming herself with the latest weapons. Some countries are very much advanced in science. Their economic conditions is far superior to that of others such countries want to dominate weaker countries. They exploit them. This creates tension and other conflicts break out here and there.

While peace has been established in Vietnam, the middle east is still the danger spot of the world. India and Pakistan are still not on friendly terms. Local wars in these areas can military pacts also come in the way of world peace. Some countries want to capture the markets of the world for their trade. The possibilities of world war are thus increased and these of peace minimized. A art from this, there is the question of black and white. The white people hate ‘black’ men. This hatred creates difficulties in the way of the establishment of peace.

It is said that the choice of the people is the voice of good. Now here in the world people want war. Jhey are fed up with it. The desire for peace is supreme in their hearts. So, ways and means must be found for preserving world peace. Following ways may be suggested to ensure everlasting peace in the world.

First, there must be disarmament. Powerful countries should give up the race of arming themselves and their friendly countries to the teeth. The manufacture of deadly weapons should be stopped. This will create a feeling of security. There will be faith instead of suspician among the various countries of the world.

Secondly, big countries should not only accept the principles of ‘panchsheela in theory’, but should follow them strictly in practice. These are the five principles of international conduct given to the world by our late Prime Minister Nehru, world peace can be secured only by their observance in practice.

Thirdly, peace can be established only if the U.N.O. is allowed to work smoothly. kAlI the nations of the world must respect its decisions. Problems should be solved amicably through this agency.

The density of the world rests in the hands of its leaders. They should unite of achieve this aim. The power of science should be used for human welfare alone. Scientists should put a check on its use for destructive purpose. The people and the politicians should unit and work for world peace.

4. Towards a new social order

Social order means a pattern of economy in which the disparties between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ are reduced to a minimum. It means levelling up of the poof, and the adoption of measures for preventing the concentration of wealth in the hands of a new.

There are two methods for bringing about such a pattern. First, force can be used as in done in communist countries. Secondly, by persuasion people can be won over to accept this pattern. India has accepted a democratic form of Government. So, force cannot be used. Our socialistic pattern cannot be of the communistic type. Over country can have only democratic socialism. Democracy and socialism are not opposed to each other. They can both go hand in hand. In such a society, there will be socialism as well as individual liberty. It is practically quite sound. Such a pattern combines the virtues both of democracy and socialism.

Furthermore, the village panchayats should be given executive and financial powers. They should be formed through elections. So, the administration will be decentralised. This will bring self-government to the rural areas. The government would only guide them from a distance. It will not interfere with their day today-working. We are happy to not that the government is already taking urgent steps in this direction. Now, under a law, electrons to the village Panchayats are to be held regularly. They will not be allowed to remain dissolved or supersceded.

We can safely conclude from the above account that the success of the socialistic pattern would depend on two things, on the one hand, upon the success of the Panchayati Raj and on the other, on co-operative farming in recent times, the life of the nation has been disturbed by frequent outbursts of violence. This comes in the way of democratic socialism. It must be put down. Corruption and the lack of a sense of responsibility on the part of the government officers are other serious obstacles in the way. Honest and sincere workers are needed to make socialism a reality.

Despite all this, the country has been marching on the road to socialism. Under the leadership of late Mrs. Gandhi, our beloved Prime Minister, the country took rapid steps towards Socialism Banks were nationalised. Privy Purses were abolished. Coal mines were taken over by the Government and State trading in food grain. Now there is stress on the development of cottage industries. Everything possible is being done for the weaker sections of society.

India is well set on the road to socialism dispite the present stress on privatisation and the crucial role that has been chalked out for multinationals.

5. Qualities of an ideal student

An ideal student has several qualities. He makes the best use of student industries. Everything possible is being done for the weaker sections of society. India is well set on the road to socialism dispite the present stress on privatisation and the crucial role that has been chalked out for multinationals.

life. His aim is not confined to studies and passing the examination only. For him, these things are not the be-all and end-all. He is polite and courteous to one and all. He cultivates good manner and habits. He is hard-working, honest and sympathetic.

An ideal student possesses a keen sense of duty and responsibility. He is regular and punctual. He is obedient to his teachers and elders. He is guided by them. He is not wayward. He keeps himself off shave bad company. He is laborious and for him labour is a great virtue. Even genius is ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration.

An ideal student is peace-loving. He is free from the feeling of caste, creed and communalism. He preaches love and unity. He aims at national prosperity. He is considerate and reasonable. He is a great lover of truth. He has a thirst for knowledge and learning. Dignity, discipline, self-control, constructive organisation and self-restraint are his watchwords. He is virtuous and mentally and bodily firm and strong. He is tolerant and free from prejudices.

During his holidays and leisure hours, he educates his illiterate people. He thinks that it is his sacred duty to improve the social, culutural and economic life of the country. He is the champion of every human right. Nothing can disappoint him. He thinks, decides and acts. He always tries to attain perfection in all walks of life. Such is an ideal student.

6. Vocational education

Above thousands of B.A.’s and M.A.’s are turned every year out of the universities of our country. They run after petty jobs. But all of them do not even get such low paid services. As a result, the problem of unemployment daily grows more acute. Besides having these defects, the present system of education is providing harmful in other ways also. It is quite unsuitable for the needs of modem India.

Our country is quite rich in natural resources. But still our people are very poor. We do not know how to make the best use of our natural gifts. We do not have enough youngmen properly trained to exploit these resources. Only technical and vocational education can gives expert engineers, technicians and mechanics. They are needed in large number in our country. So there’is great need of such education.

Large number of educated young men today are fit only for office work. This increasing number of educated young men every year makes the problem of unemployment very serious. If, during their education period, they are taught to do so many things with their own hands, many of them will not like to enter service. It is necessary, therefore, that young men should be trained in different vocations of their choice. This will enable them to start their own business. They will become independent workers. They will no longer run after petty jobs. The problem of unemployment will be solved.

This is the age of large scale industries. Large factories are necessary for economic development. We cannot make much progress in the industrial field without a sufficient number of technically trained hands. Without efficient and trained experts we can not complete with other countries. For rapid industrialization. Of the country, more and more young men must be given technical education. It is the need of the hour. We can not ignore it.

It is a happy sign that the government is fully alive to this problem since independence many technical and vocational institutions have been established throught the country. There is a net-work of medical colleges, Engineering institutions and agricultural colleges. There are also Industrial Training Institute for those who has passed only Junior High School or Higher Secondary Examinations. However, technical education alone cannot solve the problem of unemployment. Family planning and population control are also a must for the purpose.

7. Environmental pollution

The fight against the pollution menace has been on since time immemorial. The magnitude of the entertaining problem was less alarming in the earlier times and its solution were also less sophisticated. Even Ashoka the great, put premium on the protection of animals and plants. The world to¬day is full of terrible prof £m of pollution. We cannot put the clock back and we cannot hark back to simplistic natural state. Technology has made a foray into our life. We must have defence mechanism against alarming pollution which threatens the extinction of human lives.

The governme it is out to minimise the effect of industrial pollution. The thrust of the anti-p dilution on compaign should be to force industries to adopt modem scier iific modes to bring down to the minimum the toxity of industrial wastes. To contain the escalating pollution legal compulsions coupled with restrictions must be restored to. Acts for monitoring pollution levels in varied ecospheres have started functioning with a tremendous success in developed states.

The third measure should be innitiated to entrap hazardous discharges or the emitting smoke from factories and to neutralise them by filters and absorbers. The accessory plants must be set up to convert toxic by produpts into sustances of utilitarian import. The pollution has resulted from deforestation of solution to the vexing problem of air pollution are to be met in the forms of afforestation. Nature has furnished us with a solution to be problem of oxygen deficiency in the ambience in the process of photosynthesis of plants. Hence planting of trees is a remendy to air pollution.

Now in school and colleges the environmental study has been made the regular subject for studies. The programmes are being launched to combat this hydra headed monster of pollution. There must be an awareness for the preservation of nature. This awareness will be our shield against pollution.

Thus plant trees and save the earth is the clarion call of environmentalists.

8. Cultural activities in india

India is a vast country. There are people of different religions and castes. The caste system in India is its peculiarity. In no other country of the world is this peculiarity found. The majority of the people in India are Hindus. The second large population in India into the Muslims. Both these communities have been livings in this country for centuries. Besides Muslims, there are Parsis, Sikhs, Jains, Christians and Buddhists in our country.

All these different communities have their own different cultural activities. The cultural activities of the Hindus and the Muslims are entirely different. The Muslims differ from Hindus in many ways. The food and dress habits of both the communities are poles apart. The Hindus are idol worshippers, where as the Muslims do not believe in idols. On account of this difference in the religion their cultural activities are quite different. The marriage and death ceremony of both the communities is different from each other. In our country there is democracy. We have a written constitution. The constitution gives equal light to each community.

Each community has fundamental right to follow and propagate its own religion and do cultural activits. Even among Hindu there is some cultural difference due to caste system. Those who are scheduled caste have their different cultural activities from those of upper castes. There is diversity in cultural activities in India. But even the, on the whole, India has a housogenous culture. There is unity in diversity. Sometimes the cultural activities lead to quarrel between two communities, mostly Hindus and Muslims. It is due to lack of humanitarien outlook among the people. The cultural activities performed by any community give it imputs to unite together. They have their own clubs and associations where they meet together and discuss their common problems and find out the solutions.

9. The scientist you like most

It is the scientists who have shered in modem civilization. Francis Bacan is called the father of modem science. The scientists from Bacan to Einstein have made great custribution to the march of civilization in the world. All of them are worthy of love respect. Among the scientists of the world Galileo has a remarkable place. No scientist of the world had to suffer for his scientisfic thinking. Galileo is the only scientist who had to suffer for his scientific thinking. It was who proved that the earth is round and moves round the sun. It was.if Gopemiches who said that the earth is round, but he had not proved, her idea. It was Galileo of Italy who proved by demonstration that the earth is round and moves round the sun. At the time of Galileo everybody believed that the earth is stand still.

The catholic church in Italy had great influence on the idea of the common people. The state itself was under the grip of church. No body could think of going against the idea of the church people. But Galileo was a fearless man who gave the idea in opposition to general belong. He was put into the prison for his new and revolutionary idea that the earth is round. It required great courage to say something which was opposite to what the church belived. Since Galileo had to suffer for his belief his sacrifices are greater than anybody else’s. That’s why I like Galileo who not only contributed to the advance of scientific thinking but also showed great courage.

10. Terrorism

Terrorism has become a burning question in the country. Many innocent men, women and children have been mercilessly massacred by the tourists. A few years back Punjab was much affected by terrorist violence. Some people of the Punjab were demanding the creation of Khalistan on the ground of religion. They wanted to scede from India and have their own nation like Pakistan. The menance of terrorism remained for about ten years in the Punjab. But with the help of the local lagal people. The government of the state as well as the centre became able to curl this menace and now there is no problem of terrorism there.

After the Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir has come under the grip of terrorism during the last ten years or so violence in Jammu and Kashmir is much more aggressive than that of the Punjab. Terrorism is Jammu and Kashmir is motivated guided and financially asserted by Pakistan. That’s why to curl the terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is a heard nut to crack. The whole country has become the target of terrorist violence. In recent time the attack on Jammu and Kashmir assembly in October, 2001.

The attack on Parliament on 13th december on 2001 and the attack on American centre in Kolkata Jan. 2002 are the gearing example of aggressiveness of terrorism in India. Terrorists are cowardly people who shed innocent blood. Their terroristic activities are universally condemned. Due to terrorism in Kashmir many Hindus who are a minority community in Jammu and Kashmir are living in Delhi like refuges. From time to time Hindus become victims of terrorist violences in Jammu and Kashmir.

Terrorism is not only a national problem but also an international problem. Even the mightist power of the world. U.S.A become a victim of terrorist attack on the world trade centre and Pentagon on 11th Sept. 2001. The American government reacted violently against the attack on their looked Trade Centre and Pentagon and the vowed to uproot terrorism from the world. They attacked Taliban Government in Afganistan and forced it to quit.

11. Advantages of village life

India is a counry of villages where about eighty percent of the people live. There is great difference between city life and village life. In the village lilfe we have many advantages which are not available in a city. The 1st advantage of village life is that there peaceful atmosphere in a village. The din and fustla of a city is not found in a village. The village in entirely free from noise pollution. In a village we do not loud speakers blowing out music day in and day out. The noise of cars and fuses playing in the city is absent in a village. Here the sun set ends the day and the sun rise begins the day. At night there is silence of a churchyard in the village. The pollution spread by times generated by Auto mobiles in not found in a village. The 2nd advantage of a village life is that there is social compactness in a village.

The social circle in narrow. Therefore every day is almost known to everyday In a city the social life is not compact. We live like strangers in city where as in a village we live like-family members. At the time of any emergency the village people come together to face the situation unitedly. If any five breaks out the village people rush to the place with full devotion. There is personal contact with one another. The 3rd advantage of a village life is that the cast of living is not high. Even a poor man can happily life minimum of ameneties of a city life. From hygienic point of view a village life is an ideal one. These is little chance of breaking out of any epidemia. Though there is no menuscepality or corporation of a city in a village we do not have stinking garbage filled up like in a city.

At the time of need people come forward to help one another. In a village people live a life of peace and happiness.

12. The pleasures of reading

The objects of pleasure vary form man to man. Every body has his own object of pleasure. Somebody gets pleasure from idle gossip. Some others take pleasure from playing. There are many persons who see films for pleasure. Those who are interested aristic things take pleasure music and dance. So, objects of pleasures are variable. Among all the objects of pleasure we can count the pleasure are variable.

Among all objects of plesure we can count the pleasure of reading also. It is an intellectual pleasure. If you play a game, there is no mental labour in it. It you see a film or listen to a sweet song, there is no mental pressure. Among all the pleasures the pleasure of reading is most intellectual. Reading not only gives us entertainment, it also gives us mental enrichment. It widens the horizon of our mind. No pleasure is so wide deep, insructive and entertaining music soothes us by sweet sound.

It does not enrich our mind. ‘To see a film is purely an entertainment. It too does not enrich our mind. Playing a game eitehr indoor or outdoor does give us any knowledge. It is purely entertaining. But reading enriches out mind. Through reading we get command over language we learn the language besides entertainment. It gives us knowledge of many subjects. Some of us have some special subject for reading. Reading makes them mentally perfect.

The knowledge of any subject whether also or science can be achieved only through reading. Therefore, not all of us take pleasure in reding because nature has not endowed them with this gift. Those who are endowed with this gift are really lucky and special people. They are definely surprecies people to other who are not lucky to have this gift of nature. A great English writer has said this reading makes a full man. Without the gift of reading no man can be a full man.

13. Animals in captivity

Only a few persons are careful about the life of an animal, specially domestic animal. Most of us are insensitive towards dumb and helpless animals people are generally cruel towards even domestic animals. Animals are mercilessly beaten and killed. Only a few-people are kind towards dumb animals. The true followers of Buddhism and Jainism are very kind towards animals. They do not believe in any kind of vilence.

They are very sensitive about cruelty to animals. They are about even the insignificant creature like ants. These peace loving and non-violent people cannot see any cruelty towards animals. Many people take innocent pleasure in confinging an animal in a cage. Wild animals are victims of captivity. People confine them in a cage because the wild animals are dangerous to man. They cannot be allowed to move around freely becaue they are harmful to society. So they are kept in captivity. There is some justification to keep them in captivity because they are dangerous. But to keep a harmless creature in confinement is certainly in human and injustice to animals.

People should be made aware of this injustice to the harmless animals. This can be done through education about it. Though there is some law against cruelty towards animals, they are still victims of cruelty because most of the people are insensitive towards cruelty. Those who are kind hearted are rare in the society. Even wild animal should be treated with kindness, though they are harmful to man. Nature has made them wild. It is not their fault if they kill human beings. They hence no mental faculty like human being to judge their own action. So, even wild animals have natural right to get human sympathy. There is a need of general awareness about capiivity of animals. Only laws made about it cannot solve the problems.

14. An important day in my life

Every body has some important day in his life when he feels very happy and fortunate. Importance of a day depends on its fruitfulness for life. If the day brings happiness in life, it is certainly an important day. In my life also a day came which brought me success in life. All my ambitions are related to this importent day. It was the day of my success at the M.A. examination in English. It opened the door to my success in life and fulfilment of my dreams. That is why it is imporant for me. If I had not passed this examination, would not have fulfilled my ambitions of life. I had great ambition of become lecturer in English and go to England for further advancement in life. I was bom in a poor family. The ambition of going to England was like a dream for me because it required a lot of money for going abroad.

A poor man could not think of going abroad, but I had this dream, After passing the M.A. examination in English. I became a lecturer in English in a degree college. My income though this job was handsome. I started growing money for going abroad my dream of going abrod was fulfilled after a pretty long time. There were many handless financial and otherwise but I overcame all the handles and the dream of my early age of by hard came true. It was really a dream for me in the beginning when the idea of going abroad came into my mind. Every body of us sees dream and has some ambition their in her life. But all are not successful in fulfilling their dreams. Their dreams remain dreams for ever. But in my care. I was very lucky to get the dream fulfilled.

The day of may result of the M.A. examination was very very important for me I can nerve target this day throughout my life. Another date or day was so important as this day. It changed the whole picture of my life. I got respect, Prestige money and social recognition only because of this lucky and important day. The day which brings happiness of life is realy an important day. In one’s life there may be many days which can be regarded as important. But of all the important days that day is most important which brings the highest degree of happiness. This highest degree of happiness was on that day when I passed my M.A. exam, in English with flying colours.

15. Street hawkers

Street hawkers are those who walk about from street to street to sell their goods. They are not fixed to any place. These are very poor people. They cannot leep a fixed shop. They are found to move from street to street on account of their poverty. These people are men of physical stamina. Some street hawkers cavity their goods as their backs. It is really very difficults for then to carry a big load on their backs. They do not get tired of their work. They are instinct with hope and determination. They go from door to door to sell their goods.

Through this hawking they get acquired with many people. Since they have no fixed place, they need not spend any money on rent for a ship. In this way they save money through they do not each much because of small amount of capital, they are able to maintain themselves with dignity and selfrespect. There street hawkers of the low income group of society. They are men of small means. They strike personal friendship with some of the custoemr’s because of frequent contact with them. Those have to move on foot because the very nature of such type of work requires no conveyance. In every town or city there hawkers are found. They have to give a small amount of money as tax to the local body such as municipality or corporation.

Even in villages can find some hawkers, but in village they have nothing up pay as local tax. Their goods are also cheaper than those if the ships which are situated at a fixed place. These hawkers attract the attention of the people because their goods are cheaper. Moreover, they go to the door of the customer’s themselves. Therefore, it is convenient for the customers also. They need not go to a distant shop in the market. In this way the streets hawkers save the time of their customers. Though the hawkers have no variety of goods with them, people like to purchase from the street hawkers because of cheapness of the goods.

This is an avagre for the customers as well as the hawkers. They are able to sell their goods because of cheapness of the goods. People have the avantage of getting their goods sold without any hurdle. Therefore on the whole the business of hawkering goods from door to door is profitable. With small amount of money poor men can maintain themselves without much anxiety.

16. The value of books

Books are not a mere luxury or a superfluity of civilization; they do what men of action cannot do. They are a complelling force to make humanity feel its oneness. Folk-tale, folk-love, folk-songs have done as much for man king as the great religious or the great leaders of humanity. A book is the life blood of a man, preserved for a life beyond life, as Milton says.

To say that only noisily trumpeted men in history make civilization is an unpardonable blunder. Civilization is very largely made of anonymous forces.

A book like the Gitanjali is not a political treatise. The Ramanayan, and the Mahabharata are not political treaties. Poetry, great fiction, painting, music and dance, architecture and the little nameless unremembered acts are the best portions of a man’s life and not the noisier parts of life. They do not celebrate such names as Gandhi and Lenin. Yet they are the breath of civilization. The world can do without great men but it cannot do without great books. The great German thinker Geothe said that a word was a dead.

The Sanskrit word mantra means a world changing force. Bankim Chandra Chaerjee’s poem entitled Bande Matram has made history. The Bible and the Holy Koran are nothing but books but they have made history. Books are not merely sheets of printed paper. The novels of Dickens, the books entitled ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’, Marx’s ‘Capital’ and a hundred other books revolutionized human history.

For more valuable and important are the other services rendered by books. The value and the joy of understanding, the richness of thought, the joy of knowledge, a heightened awareness, of nature and life which books give cannot be give by any political leader. Books are not mere fashionable respectability, they are a force in life.

Books are as great a force in civilization as political leadership, political creeds, scientific and technological forces or any other noise of the moment. They are the persistent and the all conquering forces of history. This is true even of those books which are apparently aimless and purposeless. Life is no’ all Marxism and Leninism or Maoism. Humanism is greater than communism No single school of thought can give us the whole of humanism. Let thousand flowers blossom and let there be a countless variety of books. Mar and Lenin could give us much, and gave us much; they simply could not give us all the value of life.

17. Strength of character

Character is very important thing in life. It does not mean that we shoi be Brahmchari. Chafacter is a kind of quality of the mind. It involves a sense or duty. We must be dutiful to ourselves and to others. Our sense of duty should be the guiding principle in our life. It is said when money is lost, nothing is lost. If wealth is lost, we can get it back again if our luck favours. If health is lost something is lost. We can region health if it is not seriously affected. Whf ” character is lost, all is lost. We fall in the eyes of everybody. We cannot reg the lost name and fame. Therefore we lost everthig. if we lost our Character involves a sense of responsibility.

We so we must perform our di honestly and we must feel responsibility for what we do. To be regular and punctual in our work makes us dutiful. If we are dutiful, we are men of character. If our sense of duty is lost, it means our character is gone. We become ill reputed and hateful. If our character is well, our personality become more stronger in the society. On the basis of a good character we may gain any important past in our society and government. It will not be wrong to say that character makes a man mighter and perfect in their society and office. In those days character certificates is demanded while we go to take admission in school.

18. The innocent of childhood

Childhood is the happiest period in the life of a man. A child in free from cares and fears. He is so innocent that he is not aware of the vices of wordly life. He often lives in a dream land. How happy I am when I look back to the days of my childhood. Some memories of my childhood are still fresh in my mind. Some of them are very-sweet, but a few memories of my childhood also painful.

During my childhood I delighted in kites. I do not know why kite-flying had such a facination form. Whenever I got some money from my father. I bought kites. Sometimes my scolded me for flying kites, but 1 turned a deaf ear to her.

As I was youngest child in house, I was loved by everyone. My father was very fond of me. Whenever I asked him to buy anything, he fulfilled my desire at once. Though he loved me deeply, I cannot for get how he once gave me a serve punishment. One day his costly pen caught my fancy. While I was trying to write something with it, the pen was broken. When my father saw this he flew into a rage and slapped me so violently that I fell down. I still remember how I sobbed and cried on the lap of my mother for hours.

Inside of such painful incidents my childhood was very happy. I had no cares and fears. All my play-mates were my friends. All the members of my family loved me. When my mother fondled me, I thought that I was a prince.

The memory of my school days is still fresh in my mind. My friends loved and admired me. I never quarrelled with any boy. I always paid a target attention to my studies. I was never punished by my teacher.

Now the happy days of childhood are gone, but the memories of childhood are still fresh in my mind. When I recollect the days of childhood, I am lost in a world of dreams. I wish I were a child again.

19. Taking pride in one’s work

A man without aim is no man. He can not attain success in life. Every man just have some definite aim in life. But all our desires cannot be fulfiled in life. There are many problems in life too. But a man should not be disappointed. They should try hard to succeed. He must have hope and confidence. Mahatma Gandhi was a very simple man. But he had a great strength of conficence. He led India free from the British. He got the pride of his confidence. He is called the father of the nation.

I do not know what will happen to me. But I want to do some such work which will be symbol for the society. Only than I know what a human life is. To serve the society is a great service to God. My service have not any profit motive. I have no my own axe to grind. I had the people and save them from exploitation. I laboour for the people and save them from political trap. I will break their illusion and explode their superstitions. Once they are disillusioned they shall not to do anything imical for the society are for the nation. Only than I understand and feel the taking pride of my work.

20. India’s cultural diversity

India is a vast country. It is called sub-continent, here cultural diversity is found every where peoples are coming close to one another. But politician are thinking that communal or cultural harmoney will be a great danger for them. Communalism is the badge of a backward country, not of the modem as. The cultural monster is a relic of our British connection. The Britishers nurrured on the separatist forces of culturalism. Which enventually led to the partition of India and creation of Pakistan. The major task before India was emotional national integration of the country. The disruptive forces of culturalism could not be weeded out completely.

Sporadic communal violence become future of our national life. Quite often communal and cultural roits flared up like wild fire and took an angry turn. Communal hatred has gripped people. There is nothing but agony and trauma in the wake of the cultural violence. Hindus and Muslims are intolerant of are anothers religion. The social and cultural alientiation between the two communities is widening. The question crops up is this senseless can be prevented or not ?

Our political culture, signifies power sans responsibility. There is a mushrooming of politicians and political parties in India. A country’s moral and social well-being is determined by its political and administrative conditions. In India politics has turned ugly and without ethical and moral considerations. In such a polluted political scenario the spurt of communal flare up is unavoidable.

21. The bihar of my dreams

The Bihar of my dream, every man will have a high moral sense and a deep lover for the state. Our state is backward in the field of science and industry. I want Bihar to be leading state in new technology our industries should grow fast. We should produce everything we need. The Bihar of my dream every men will get a joy of his choice. Education will get its due importance. Students will be devoted to their studies, politicians will not be allowed to misuse students.

Today we find a gap between rich and poor. Then is corruption in all walks of life. The Bihar of my dream will have social justice. The gap betweeen the rich and poor will be narrowed down. Everybody will get equal opportunity to be his best self. There will be no shortage of anything. Then will be discipline, peace and progress all around. Nationalism will overcome the feelings of casteism and regionalism. There will be an atmosphere of equality, brother hood and freedom all over the state. There will be ‘Ram Rajya’ in true sense of the term. May God fulfil my dream.

22. My favourite book

I have recently read a book that is, Bhagwat Gita. I like Bhagwat Gita very much. The Bhagwat Gita is holy book of the Hindus. It is said that lord Krishna himself gave out the whole story. A great battle was fought at Kurukshetra. It is said that lord Krishna gave his support to the Pandavas. He was Arjuna’s chariot driver. First, Arjuna refused to fight against his own men. At this lord Krishna made a long speech.

Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to take heart. He encouraged him to fight. Lord Krishna told him not to think of the result but he should go on doing his duty. He also showed the real nature of the world to Arjuna. Thus Arjuna was convinced of the need to fight. He realised the notliingness of human life.

The Bhagwat Gita is a great book. Every’ Hindu worships this book and reads it. This book presents the basic principle of Indian philosophy it tells us that all questions regarding castes, races and religions are meaningless. It also says that all people are the children of God. A man must do his duty.

This Bhagwat Gita is a book of everlasting value. Every Indian finds hope and light in its pages. This book has been translated into all the great languages of the world. I love this book. I like to read it again and again. I worship it, too. It is the poetry of human life.

23. A trip to the moon

The mysteries of outer space have long held a singular fascination for man. He has always felt a mysterious attraction for the dots and orbs which appear to be suspended from the blue sky above. He has been fascinated by the sun, the moon and they stars. He has often wondered as to how they came to be born of what material they are all made, what keeps them from falling etc. In order to satisfy his curiosity, he has longed to explore these splendid worlds in person. It is this longing of his he given birth to a whole body of science fiction.

The first step towards the conquest of the moon was taken when Sputnik. I was launched by the Soviet Union on October 4,1957. It was on that day that the Mascow Radio thrilled the wondering world with the breath-taking news that Russia had rocketed an earth satellite into outer space. It was also announced that the satellite was circling the world once every ninety five minutes. It was however, on May 25, 1961 that a positive impulse was given for the conquest of the moon. That day, President J. F. Kennedy, in a special message to a the U. S. Congress declared : “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before the decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safety to earth.

The goal was announced. During ten years that followed a lot of space- work was done. Through numerous spacecraft, both manned and unmanned sent into orbit a whole body of information about the hazards in outer space was collected. Services of experts were harnessed to combat technological problems of space travel and to study the effects of such journeys on living creatures, conditions on the moon etc.

At the back of this prolonged research was a fantastic organisation of science and technology. It was this, together with the spirit of adventure inherent in man that made the achievement of the goal possible. Since then, man has visited the moon several times. So that fresh moon landings do not make news now. In 1984, with Soviet Union’s Astronaut first India astronaut Captain Rakesh Sharma landed on moon and said Sare Jahan Se Achha about India.

On of the reasons why scientist all over the world had been loooking forward to man’s first visit to the moon was the belief that it held the secret to the history of the solar system. That was because the moon has no atmosphere. In fact it has an almost complete vaccume. Scientists hoped that a close look at the lunar soil would give them better understanding of now the earth was formed. Analysis of the moon rock brought back by the American astronaute does not appear to have fulfilled their hopes.

24. Television as entertainment

Television is one of the most fascinating invention of Science. Wireless and radio were considered one of the greatest marvels of science. Television was invented by John L. Baird of London in 1925. Now, the television is in a very improved from. People were thrilled to hear the voice as well as see the picture across thousands of miles live.

The television was started on an experimental basis in India is 1959. It has gained increasing popularity as an effective medium for conveying news and information besides entertainment. Music system, VCD, DVD are also Very important means of entertainment. Among all these television play an important role in field of entertainment.

Television has revolutionized life all over the world. There is a television set in al most every home in most of the town of advanced countries and India also with the help of television sets we can see various kinds of programmes at home in a relaxed mood and manner. It has brought stage and cinema into our drawing rooms. It is also known as the small screen. Its popularity is now well known. It is very powerful. There is no other means so cheap, powerful and popular as television. It caters to the tastes of people of all ages and callings.

One can sit back in the comfort of one’s drawing room and select a programme of ones choice. There are special programme for special fields and activities all the 24 hours of the day and nights. It has also revolutionised advertisement, business and shopping.

Besides Doordarshan, there are other channels like starplus, star sports, zee sports, zee TV, sab TV, Sahara TV, Star movies, HBO, FIBO, ESPSN, Ten sports, Discovery, D.D. Bharti, BBC, CNN, Aaj Tak and many others.

Serials like Ramayana Mahabharata, Bharat Ek Khoj, Humlog, Khandan have already been screened on T.V. many modem and scientific programmes, mega serials, Game shows like KBC, KYZ, Saregama Pa and other music based programme have been very popular on T.V. It has replaced cinema to a great extent. Then there are televison lession for all the levels of students from primary to university. It has helped a lot in the spread of edcation and removal of ignorance and superstitious.

Television has become a part of our daily life. People spend many hours daily viewing television programmes. It’s reach is very wide. Even in rural and for flung areas, it is now common and popular. There are programmes for the youth. Women, rural population, farmers, traders business men, sports lovers and music lovers. There are also cartoon films and other programmes for children.

T.V. has certainly made the world a better place to live if and it has proved to be a very useful means for broadening our vision, enhancing our general awareness besides, entertainment.

25. Computers in everyday life

Modem science has given us many wonderful gifts. These have helped us to advance rapidly on several fronts. These have almost revolutionised human day to day life. Consequently, life has become more efficient easy, convenient fast and comfortable. The invention of computer and its further development is one of these most marvellous gifts of modem science.

A computer can be defined as a machine which stores information, data etc. on magnetic tapes, analyses and retrieves the same instantly when required. Thus it has helped us in overcoming many difficult problems of multiple calculation, data processing record keeping scientific analysis etc. As far as Storage of information and calculation of data are concerned it has surpassed common human mind. The speed accuracy reliability and capacity of a modem computer is really astounding. It short, a computer is a fantastic machine.

Now the use of computer is in every field of life. It has entered almost all our activities. Their use and application in various services departments business establishments, defence services, railways, communication etc. have become a must. They have become part and parcel of schools and education system as well. In defence services, railways, communication etc, have becomes a must. The have become part and parcel of Schools and education system as well. In defence they help radars missile and rocket launching automatic flights data analysis forcasting etc. It has revolutionised the business activities. A manager now can depend on it many of his activities and office duties.

It can complete and calculate, with a lighting speed huge and office duties. It can complete and calculae with a lighting speed huge and mind boggling amounts and data is inputs, expenses, income tax etc. without any mistake. Railway, airlines, hotels, tourist agencies now offer instant booking and reservation through internet it networking has reduced distance as it can be used to coordinate activities as different places of country of the world.

Computer industry in India has been a great source of foreign exchange. Many Indian companies in the field of hoarware software production have done marvellously. The foreign exchange earn many other things from other countries for our use.

A computer works fantastically, its operation are subtle. Complex and wonderful. It has seen phenomenal progress and upgradation in the recent years. The coming computers would before more fast, complicated, reliable powerful small handy and light. Each successive generation of computer has proved it. Now note-book pocket computer are very common thing. Gradually the personal computer would become a consumer applicance. It will be a matter of course. Computer will further revolutionise our life and working. We can very well look forward to more fantastic bread of computers.

26. A book fair

Books are the treasure house of knowledge. Books are our real companions. A book has a great power to shape our life. Good books prove useful and provide guidance. Books enable us to cultivate our mind and they broaden our outbook. Reading also provides an intellectual feast of knowledge and statistics our hunger. Books cover innumerable subjects and reading them is always a pleasure.

A visit to a book fair provides us a unique opportunity of having books realating to all most all spheres of life under one roof. One is almost lost in the wonderful world of books and seams very difficult to pull oneself out of the fair. Books provide food for tought and are a store house a knowledge and wisdom. Hence, a book fair should never be missed.

Recently, I visited a book fair in Patna Gandhi Maidan, Book fair held in Gandhi Maidan was a very bid book fair. Publishers from, all over the country had in stalled their shops in the fair. Books written by many eniment writers, were being sold there. The fair lasted for one month.

Students from all over Bihar used to visit the book fair and purchased books on different subjects. Boys, girls, mens, womens, and children in large number used to visit the fair and purchased book on different subject and classes. It was a very grand fair. Our Chief Minister Sri Nitish Kumar inaugurated the fair. I also visited the fair thrice.

27. If i were the principle of my college school

The present education system of India was introduced by the British to serve their own ends. Now, it is not suited to the needs of free India. Urgent reforms are needed. If ever I become a principal. I would introduce the following reforms to have the ideal college of my dreams.

Good and impressive building do not make a good college. Its goodness lies in its teachers. I will have highly qualified teachers on my staff. They will be given decent salaries. So they will work heart and soul for the welfare of students.

In my college care will also be taken of the character of students. Booking knowledge alone will not be sufficient. They will be taught to be and honest in their work and co-operate with other. Effort will be made to develop them mentally morally, physically and emotionally. All round development of their personality will be the main aim of education in my college.

Games and sports will be made compulsory. Arrangements will be made for all the students to take part in them. Sports will be given their due importance. Stress will be made on Indian games and sports like kabaddi, wrestling etc.

College unions, scout clubs, (Debating societies etc. will be organised through elections, student will elect the office bearers from among themselves. They will thus get training in democracy. In fact, the democracy spirit will prevail in the college. But they will not be allowed to misuse their freedom. They will also be taught the value of discipline.

Some other minor reforms will also be made. I will not work in haste to bring about these reforms. They will be introduced gradually but steadily. I shall work with the co-operation at all. I will administer my college not only by authority but also by love, sympathy and affection. Such is the college of my dreams.

28. Noise pollution in the cities

Man is the luckiest among all the creation of God. He has the capacity to avoid of all the facilities available in Nature. Even he is capable to control some forces of Nature. He is still on the path of pursuing what is unknown to him.

But on this path man has become myopic. He has been trying to change system of Nature of his petty gains. He has forgotten the ecological balance which is so impotant for his own survival. In search of truth, he has forgot the bitter truth of essence of survival. Pollution of environment is fall out of his own deed.

Environment Pollution is segmented into four categories : air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and sound pollution.

Sound pollution is caused by the increased number of motor vehicles on the road, increased number of trains and air crafts in the sky. People diving in the vicinity of air ports, factories and train tracks suffer from partial deafness.

Earth is not of the current generation. It has been inherited from the previous generation and it is to be passed on to the next generation. People are realizing the danger that we are going to face.

Efforts are being made to same the earth. Aforesation, cleaning of rivers and seas, treatment of affluents in the industries, using better quality of fuel, phasing out plastic bags are stop in this regards.

29. Tv serial sand their effect on our society

A large number of TV channels have come up during the last ten years or so. These TV channels telecast different types of programmes round the clock. Programmes on sports, films, health and new are very popular.

Almost may of the TV Serials are shown every day. These TV serials teach good and bad lessons both. Our society is being affected to a very large extent.Some TV serial are very interesting. “Ba, Bahu Aur Baby” is a TV serial at present that entertains both men and women. Children are also liking this serial. Serials like this give very good effect on society.

But there are serials like ‘Kasauti’ are very bad. In “Kasauti” one Indian women marries two husbands. Both are alive. This is not prevalent in our society. These types of serials have very bad effect on our society.

“Virashat” serial shows that there is tension every where. These types of serials have very bad effect on our society. Some serials telecast that there is quarrel between mother in law and daughter-in-law. This type of serial has bad effect on our society.

It is my opinion that at present may TV serial are against our culture. Western culture is being imposed on our society. English serials are also not suited to our Indian culture.

Social and religions serials are good for our society. Ramayan, Mahabharat. Om Namah Shivaya are very good TV serials. The effects of these historical and religions TV serials are praiseworthy.

So, the government should take care of these serials. Government should see that no bad serials are released.

30. Mahatma gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869 in a respectable vaishya family of Porbandar state in Khathiawad. His parents were well-to-do people. His father Karamchand Uttamchand Gandhi held a high and responsible post in the Porbandar state.

He received his early education at the local primary and high schools. After passing the entrance examination, he want to England to qualify himself for legal profession. He was truthful and honest from his very childhood. He was very careful about his character.

After qualifying himself for the legal profession, he returned to India and started practice in the Bombay high court. He went to Natal in South Africa to appear in a case of his client. There were he saw how how the Indians were subjected to utter humilation by the European population of South Africa. He established the natal Indian congress. Under its auspices, he led an agitation for the removal of those disabilities from which the Indians were suffering. He invented the new weapon to satyagraha. He fought with this weapon tenaciously. He suffered imprisonment but he stuck to his resolve. He efforts met with a great success there.

The European indigo plantes in Bihar were oppressing th tenants very much. Mahatma Gandhi transferred his activities to Motihari. He took up the cause of the Indigo cultivators. His intervention brought about a settlement between them.

Mahatma Gandhi started his non-co-operation movement in 1921. Since then he led the Indian National Congress. The Indian National Congress went on gaining strength under his able guidance. He led various struggles from time to time for the independence, of the country. The country reached its goal under his able guidance.

Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest son of India. Say he was one of the greatest men the world has ever produced. He was great not because of his politics. His greatness lies in his moral outlook of life. Truth was not a virtue or ideal for him. It was the very breath of his life. It is this which armed him with the invincible power he possessed. He feared nobody. He was prepared to face the mightiest power of the earth for the cause of truth and justice. He made an intensive study of the Gita and followed its teaching in practical life.

Mahatma Gandhi succeeded in bringing about the political salvation of India. He wanted to see the supremacy of truth and non-violence in the whole world. Unfortunately the world is inclined otherwise today. But the future of the world can be safe only when it follows the path shown by him. Any other course is perilous.

He was shot dead while going to attend a prayer meeting on the 30th of January 1948 at Delhi. India, may the whole world is poorer today on account of his death. May his soul rest in peace.

31. Unemployment

Unemployment is a big curse. Man is made for work, it has been said that ‘an idle brain is a devil’s workshop1. It is perfectly true. An idle man always thinks of one mischief or other. Thus, an idle man is not only a burden to himself, but also a positive danger to society.

Many people remain unemployment not because they want to remain unemployed but because they have nothing useful to do. It is the duty of the government of open a venues of employment for various classes of people.

In our country unemployment is growing increasingly among the educated middle class. Schools and colleges are growing in number and every year they turn out lakhs of graduates who wander from door to door in search of jobs.

What is the cause of unemployment particularly among the educated people ? The answerlies in the defective system of education. Modern education teaches people to detest manual labour. Educated people can do nothing except table work. They book down upon business or other professions involving manula labour. Thus, a solution of the problem lies mainly in the change of mentality of the educated people. When the educated people will come to realise the independent work is better than any service, the problem of unemployment would be solved to a great extent.

Along with the change of mentality, it is also necessary to create avenues of employment people. The Employment Exchange is doing good work in many big towns. Many people have got employment through these Employment Exchanges.

Since independence our government has been making earnest efforts to open various avenues of employment. It has started many schools and insttutions to trained educated person in various arts and trades. It is encouraging cottage industries too. Certainely our government has gone a long way in providing employment to many but still a long course remain to be covered.

32. The summer season

The summer starts in India from the beginning of March and continues up to June. Up to February the rays of the sun are soothing and we like to bask in the sun. But in March the season changes. The sun-rays become hotter day by day and we begin to get perspiration. The entire earth becomes heated in this season.

In summer, the few hours of the morning are pleasant. In March the sun does not become too hot before noon. But by April the sun becomes not by 9 a.m.

The sun becomes very hot by noon in May and June and scorching winds also begin to below. Then it becomes very’ troublesome. People cannot come out of their homes and all work remains suspended till evening. They can not work even inside their houses because of heat. Moreover, they feel sleepy in the after noon. They shut all doors and take rest in the coolest part of the building.

People do not get relief even in the evening and at night. They can not sleep comfortable at night on account of heat.

Summer causes inconvenience in many other ways. The hot wind causes much thirst, but people can not get cool water. Rivers and ponds dry up and cause scarcity of water. It adds to the difficulty of the people. Their throats get perched. Even birds and beasts feel thirsty and run from place to place in search of water. Many people birds and beasts die as a result of sunstoke. Many fatal diseases such as Cholera, small-pox etc. break out in the summer season.

People in towns have got many amenities which are not available to the villagers. Therefore, towns we can reduce the discomforts of summer to a great extent if they can afford to spend money. In towns, people get electric fans to cool them and ice to quench their thirst.

In spite of these disadvantages the farmers welcome the summer because it brings the clouds which give them rain. Though we dislike the heat and dust of the summer, we await it anxiously because we get sweet mangoes during this season.

33. The rainy season

The rainy season starts in India in early July and continues up to September. It comes as a great relief to the world suffering from excessive heat and scorching rays of the sun. Birds, beasts, plants and human beings all welcome the rainy season, because it gives them the much needed relief.

When the rainy season starts th sky is very often overcast with clouds and it presents a very beautiful scene. The clouds of different shades and colours move hither and thither in the sky and look very nice. Nature itself wears a new apparel. The trees which shed their leaves in the summer come to have new leaves. New grass growsin the dry fields and they look like turht of green velvet. The wind blows away dust from the roads and they look neat and clean. When it drizzles for several days the kachacha roads, however, become muddy, rivers, ponds and ditches are filled with water.

The rainy season has both its advantages and disadvantages. Rain helps cultivation. Failure of rain causes famine and many people die. While it gives relief to the world suffering from heat, it also causes much inconvenience. People are confined to their houses and if they have to come out, they need umbrellas and water-proofs. The Kachcha roads become muddy and it becomes difficult to walk on them. The rivers often overflows their banks and create much havoc. Too much of rain makes the roofs of houses leakage and the mud built walls collapse and cause much damage to the household articles.

Rain is a great boon to the peasants. Without rain crops would not grow and agriculturists would be put to much loss. In India, agriculturists have to depend mainly on rain for cultivation and for the raising of crops on their lands.

34. Winter season in india

The winter season comes after the rainy season. It beings from November and lasts till the end of January. It is pleasant season. It is not as beautiful as the spring but it has its own charms.

When the winter season comes, we like to basic in the warm sunshine. The sunshine is pleasant. We sit in the sun for hours. We put on warm clothes to protect ourselves from cold. During winter, days are much shorter than nights.The days are very pleasant. Sometimes the nights are very cold. In the morning the earth is often covered with fog. At night we like to sit round the fire place. We need quilts and blankets. We like to sleep in warm bed. We often catch cold if we go out at night.

The winter season has its own beauties and charms. In the morning the dew drops shine like pearls. When we walk in a garden, we see maRy kinds of beautiful flowers. The winter flowers with their dazzling colours are very attractive. The rose, sunflower, marigold, dahlia and other flowers present a beautiful sight.

We get different kinds of vegetables in the winter season. Usually vegetables are very cheap in this season. Winter is the season of fruits. We get different kinds of fruits during this season.

Paddy is harvested in this season. The golden ears of paddy look beautiful. They please the farmers. Harvestors are seen in the fields with their sickles.

The winter season has several advantages. It gives us a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is good for health. It is suitable for hard work. We do not get tired soon. Students like tis season because they can work hard during this season. They play cricket, hockey and badminton during this season. The winter season improves our health. Our digestion improves during this season. We look energetic and smart in this season. The winter evening is very pleasant. It is delightful to sit round the fire in the evening and chat with friends.

The winter season is very painful for the poor. The poor people do not have warm clothes. They shiver with cold at night. It is difficult for them to sleep at night. Many people die from cold. It is difficult to go out at night. We often catch cold during winter.

In spite of these disadvantages the winter season is charming.

35. The season i like most

There are four seasons in our country-summer, rains, winter and spring. The different seasons have their own beuties and charms. Summer brings sweet mangoes, the rainy season gives life to the burning earth, and winter delights us. Each season is good in itself.

Different people like different seasons. Everybody has his own likes and dislikes. Of all the seasons I like the spring season most. Spring is certainly the best season of the year. Most of the people are fond of this season. It is the favourite season of poets. It is called the queen of seasons.

Spring comes after the winter season. It designs from the middle of February and lasts till the middle of April. As the spring season sets in, the earth looks lovely and charming. The trees put forth new leaves. Nature looks charming. Many kinds of beautiful flowers bloom during this season. The lovely roses win our hearts. When we walk in a garden, we are enchanted by the dazzling colours of flowers. As a matter of fact spring is the season of beautiful flowers. Beers are very busy during this season. They move from one flower to another in search of honey. We see the beautiful butterflies flying about. They catch the fancy of children.

The days of the spring season are very pleasant. Spring is neither hot not cold. It is very delightful. It is good for health.

Spring is the season of charming sounds. The bees humming in the garden fill our hearts with joy. The cuckoo is mad with joy. Its sweet notes enchant us. In the early morning we hear the birds twittering in trees.

It is delightful to walk through the corn-fields during spring. The green plants please the eyes. The yellow flowers of mustard flutter in the breeze. The earth wears a green garment. Spring transforms it into a paradise.

I like the spring season most because it offers great pleasures. The biting cold of winter makes me hate it. I am afraid of the scorching sun of summer. I dislike mud and durt caused by the rains. It is the spring season which catches my fancy. It brings extraordinary beauties and charms. So, it gives me great delight.

The beauties of spring make us forget our cares and sorrows. If we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we shall find lots of pleasant sights and melodious notes during spring.

36. Rivers

Rivers rise from mountains or big lakes. Flowing through the mountains, rocks, plateau, and plain lands they fall into the sea or some otehr river. Some rivers are fed by snow-water and some by rain-water and some by both.

In their onward journey the rivers proceed with much force and sweap away everything in front of them. As the rivers fall from great heights, the rocks are ground into dust and the rivers carry and deposit the dust in the plains. This is called ‘silt’. The silt makes land fertile. The river is very thin and narrow at the place of its origin. But gradually, as it proceeds futher, it widens. On the way it is joined by other rivers. Sometimes, a river branch off into two or three currents. These are called tributaries of the river. The moUth of the river where it falls into the sea is much wider.

Rivers are of great use to us. They provide water for drinking and other purposes. River-bath is very good for health. It refreshes our body and mind. Transport by water is cheap and, therefore, a good deal of inland trade is done by water. Towns on the banks of big rivers are prosperous because of this Boats carrying goods of merchandise sail up and down the rivers and carry goods to big towns for sale. Thus, the rivers help trade, industry and agriculture. They also help industry in another way. At some places there are big water¬falls in a river.

The falls can be used to generate electricity which is called hydro-electric power. This power is arrested and utilized for lighting towns. It is also used for running mills and factories and drawing water from wells for irrigating land. It is used for turning the wheels of mills. The water of the river is carried through big canals to distant places for watering land. In this way barren and unproductive areas are converted into fertile lands.

37. The flood

Rain-water falls on big mouontains as well as upon plains. As the river bed is lower in level, all the rain-water flows to low lands and rivers. When the rainfall is heavy, rivers, streams and other channels can not contain all the rain water in their beds. Then the water overflows their banks. This is called a flood. Sometimes, a flood is caused by the melting of snows on the mountains which increases the volume of water in the rivers. Breaches in the embankment of a river also cause floods.

At times flood comes all on a sudden. People sleep at night in their houses peacefully. They wake in the morning to see their houses surrounded with water. This causes untold suffering and immense miseries to the people. Their belongings are washed a way. Houses collapse and people are rendered homeless. Many men, women, children and cattle are swept away by the current of the river.

Many people lose their resources and tools and thus lose their occupation. It is a very pitiable sight to see cattle and men being washed away by the current of the river during the floods. Often entire families are washed away and they drift on the thatches and frailbarges, aimlessly. The flood also damages railway lines and makes the running of trains impossible.

In times of flood the Government adopts various measures to alleviate the sufferings of the people. It arranges for both long-term and short term relief. This includes distribution of food cloths, medicine etc. The long term relief means free distribution of seedlings, remission of rent, grant of loan for reconstructing house and for reclaiming land etc. Even private relief societies are organized by the people. They also render much help to the flood-stricken people.

It is possible to check the frequent visits of floods. We can do so by digging canals, by raising the level of river-banks and by putting strong drams accross the rivers. All this requires great engineering skill and heavy expense. The Government often carries out these projects when funds permit.

38. Gardens

Man has loved nature since the beginning of his life on the earth. He is fascinated by the beautiful sights of nature. He delights in planting trees and flowers. He maintains gardens for his pleasure. A garden represents the beauty of nature. Flowers grow in wild forests. Man plants them in gardens for his pleasures. He arranges them according to his taste. He loves beauty. So, he maintains a garden.

A garden should be carefully maintained. It needs constant labour and care. It should be divided into different parts. A part of the garden should be set apart for cultivation of flowers. Different kinds of flowers should be planted in the garden. Fruits and vegetables should be grwon in the other parts of the garden. There should be proper arrangement for watering the plants regularly.

Gardens are very useful. They present beautiful sights of nature. There are beautiful flowers of various colours in gardens. If we walk through gardens, we are filled with joy. The lovely flowers fluttering in the breeze catch our fancy. We look at their dazzling colours and wonder at the imagination of their creator.

The beautiful flowers make us forget our cares and anxieties. Gardens enable us to read the book of Nature. It is very interesting to watch the growth of plants and flowers. Plants grow silently in the gardens. Flowers blooom at the proper time. Plant life is as interesting as our own life. If we have eyes to see, we can watch the miracles of Nature in gardens.

Gardens provide healthy surroundings. We can improve our health by walking in gardens. We get many kinds of fruits and vegetables from gardens.

Gardens are very pleasant, but we are so busy that we fail to enjoy their beauties and charms. Those people who do not love flowers are certainly heartless. We must have beautiful gardens in towns too. They will make the towns lovely places to live in. We should learn to love gardens and flowers.

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