Bihar Board 12th English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Bihar Board Class 12th English Important Questions Letter and Application Writing are the best resource for students which helps in revision.

Bihar Board Class 12th English Letter and Application Writing Important Questions

Question 1.
Write a letter to the editor of a local daily newspaper complaining about the neglect of the roads and drains in your locality.

Bihar Sharif

The Editor
The Times of India
I beg to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to the miserable condition of road and drains. All the roads and drains at Bihar Sharif tell the sad tale of disrepair. When it rains, roads turn into pools and poodles. Drains become rivulets of dirty water. People have to face many difficulties in crossing the roads.

They have to wade through knee-deep water. At times, rickshaws carrying passengers turn turtle. Stagnant water on roads breeds the germs of diseases. Therefore, it is requested that steps be taken for improvement of drains and roads.

Yours faithfully,
Pankaj Kumar.

Question 2.
Write an application to the Principal for grant of a full-free studentship/help from the poor fund.
The Principal
College of Commerce
Kankar Bagh (Patna)
Subject— Regarding my free-studentship
Most humbly and respectfully I beg to say a few following lines for your kind consideration. I am a student of your college. My economic condition is not sound. My father always remains ill. He is too weak to work. I have to support my family consisting of ten members by coaching some students. Now I am not in a position to meet my expenses of my studies at College. Besides, I have done well at terminal examination. I have an earnest desire to continue my studies.
This ambition cannot be fulfilled unless I get some help from you. Therefore, you are requested to grant me full fee-studentship or Rs. 300 from the Poor Boys Fund. For this act of kindness, I shall ever be grateful to you.
Thanking you.

Yours obediently,
Subhash Kumar
Roll No-25

Question 3.
Write a letter to your friend describing a place of historical important


My dear Kailash,
lam quite well here. I hope you to be the same. I have just returned from my college tour. This time we decided to visit Nalanda, Rajgir, and Pawapuri. We hired a minibus and reached Pawapuri. As you know Pawapuri is a place of great historical importance. It was here that Lord Mahavira breathed his last, so, it is a place of great religious importance for the Jains.

We were much impressed by the beautiful Jain temples and peaceful atmosphere all around. From Pawapuri, we went to Nalanda which is famous for the ruins of an ancient university. We saw only the ruins most of which speak of our rich past and high quest for knowledge. Its library was the richest one in the world and scholars from all parts of the world came here in search of knowledge. From Nalanda, we went to Rajgir. Here we saw the famous Akhara of Jarasandh. We took bath in the hot springs of Rajgir. We also saw the Shanti stoopa which is worth seeing.

All these places, in fact, are of great importance. We returned to Bihar sharif at about 7 P.M. 1 wish you were with us. I suggest you to visit these places. Convery my best regards to your parents and love to your youngers.

Sincerely yours,

Question 4.
Write a letter to your friend describing a pleasant dream.


I received your letter which brought a flood of joy and excitement for me. The description of Nature you have given is very fine. I am also going to describe a pleasant dream I had last night. With sunset I came back from the temple of Lord Siva.It was very cold. The atmosphere was. full of fog. I went to bed at 7.p.m. I do not remember

when I fell asleep. In the night I had a dream. I found myself in the chair of the Prime Minister. Many people were coming towards me. They were very eager to congratulate me on my grand victory. The Prime ministers of several countries also came to have a good relation with me. I gave my assurance to all those persons. ‘

At last I made a fine speech. I emphasized on the present education system of India. I promised to improve this education system. 1 also laid emphasis on Family Planning. In the mean time I got up and found myslef lying on the bed in my room. I realised that it was not true but a dream.
With best wishes,

Your loving friend,

Question 5.
Write a letter to the editor of a local daily newspaper requesting him to draw the attention of the Government to the Flood-affected or famine- stricken people of Bihar.


The Editor
The Times of India,
Patna .Sir,
Through your daily newspaper I would like to draw the attention of the  government to the plight of flood-affected famine stricken people of Bihar. This year heavy rainfall has caused havoc in Bihar. All rivers of the state have been overflooded. Flood water has submerged the fields.

Standing crops have been swept away. Many houses have collapsed. People have become homeless. Epidemics have broken out in the villages. People are losing their lives due to the fatal diseases. They are also suffering from hunger. Therefore, I request you to press the government to take steps for the relief to the flood affected/famine stricken people.

Yours faithfully,
Raj Kumar Verma.

Question 6.
Write a letter to your friend describing what you want to do after the examination.
Dear Sum an,
I had your letter yesterday. It pleased me very much. Through this letter I came to know about your programme after the examination. But you may laugh at what I want to do after my examination. But nothing can change the direction of my determination. You know that our country is faced with social, political and economic problems.

The main cause of these problems is the ignorance of the people. I shall do something so that the people may think intelligently. I shall arouse in them social and political consciousness. This is the part of my plan that 1 want to follow after the examination.

I am fine. You will also be all right there. Convey my best regards to your Daddy and Mummy and good wishes to your youngers.

Yours sincerely,

Question 7.
Write an application to the Principal requesting him to issue your character certificate or college leaving certificate.
The Principal.
Nalanda College,
Bihar Sharif
Most humbly and respectfully I beg to say that I have been a student of your college for two years. I have just passed my I. Sc. examination as a regular student from your college. I have secured 80 % marks. Now I am not in a position to continue my studies. My father is the only earning member of my family. But he has been ill for last six months. Therefore. 1 have to support my whole family. For this I am looking for a job. 1 have to apply for the post of a clerk in the Northern Railway. I have been one of the ten best students of your college. I have been the Captain of the college football team. Besides, I have always taken part in social and cultural activities of the college.
Therefore, I request you to issue me a Character certificate/College Leaving Certificate for submission of my application.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Vimal Kumar
Roll No.-151

Question 8.
Write a letter to your friend telling him what you want to do after finishing your studies.
Write a letter to your friend describing the aim or ambition of your life.


My dear Jai Prakash,
Many, many thanks to you for your letter dated 11.06.2020.1 am much pleased to know that you want to be a doctor. 1 am sure that you will get success, but I want to be a teacher.

Friend, as you know India is a country of villages. Most of the people live in the villages. They are illiterate. So the ambition of my life is to give people the light of knowledge. Doctors and engineers can serve the nation best only when people are educated. Unless people are led from darkness to light the country cannot develop. My ambition is to teach even those ignorant adults who inhabit in our country.

To fulfill my ambition, I shall go to those comers of the country where people live their lives like beasts. I shall teach them to live their lives in a proper manner. I am very fine. You too are OK. Kindly tell my best compliments to Mummy and Papa.

Yours affectionately,

Question 9.
Write an application to the Post Master requesting him to redirect your letters to new address.
The Post Master
Head Post office .
Bihar Sharif (Nalanda)
With due respect I have to say the following words for your kind consideration. My name is Mohan Kumar. My father is a clerk in the Collectorate office at Bihar Sharif. But he has been transferred to Gaya Collectorate. He has joined his duty. My family will also shift there within a few days. I beg you to redirect all my letters to the following address :
Kailash Prasad
G/o Sri Ramadhar Pd.
At.-Gewal Bigha
P.O.-A.O. Colony
Dist- Gaya
Therefore, you are requested to redirect my letters to the above mentioned address. For this act of kindness I shall be obliged to you.
Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,
Ram Kumar Bharaopur
Bihar Sharif (Nalanda)

Question 10.
Write a letter to your friend describing a marriage ceremony in your family.
Write a letter to your friend describing the happiest day of your life.


Dear Dharmendra,
You are quite aware of the fact that life is a drama. We find the episodes of sorrow and happiness in, it. My happiest day is the marriage ceremony day of my sister.

On the day of my sister’s marriage ceremony, I was very happy. My sister was in red Saree. She looked like goddess Laxmi. The bridegroom was also with all his friends. They were very glad. They were fully satisfied with the arrangements we had made. The marriage ritual was gone through.

There was exchange of garlands to the chanting of mantra. All the guests were served delicious dishes. There were dances and sweet songs. They were entertained by the orchestra party. All persons present at this function were happy. I was the happiest man. On that occasion, your absence caused me anxiety.
With best wishes,

Yours Sincerely,

Question 11.
Write a letter to your father telling him about your preparation for your coming examination.


My dear Father,
Here 1 am quite well. 1 hope you will also be very fine with the members of the family. I think you are anxious to know about my preparation for the coming annual examination. But you should not worry for it.

Father, you must know that I have an earnest desire to do well at the examination. My examination will start from the 31th of May 2020. I have revised all my books. I can solve even difficult problems. The only thing for which 1 am anxious is English. It beats me but it cannot reduce me to a state of pathetic lessness. I hope I must get over this problem; If I succeed in doing so 1 all pass in the first division. ‘
With best wishes,

Your loving son,

Question 12.
Write an application to the Vice-Chancellor requesting him to grant you Rs.500 for purchasing books and paying the examination fee.
The Vice-Chancellor,
Magadh University ‘
With due respect I have to say the following lines for your kind consideration. I am a student of Class – XII of Kisan College. I have always done well at the examination. But I belong to a very poor family. This poverty brings hinderance to my success. I am so poor that I can neither purchase books to prepare myself for the examination nor pay the examination fee.

Therefore, I kindly request you to be so kind as to grant me a sum of Rs. 500 so that I may buy books and pay the examination fee. For this, I shall ever be obliged to you. ‘
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,