Bihar Board 12th English Paragraph Writing Important Questions

Bihar Board Class 12th English Important Questions Paragraph Writing are the best resource for students which helps in revision.

Bihar Board Class 12th English Paragraph Writing Important Questions

1. Role Of Police In Civil Society

In all civil societies the police in deployed to maintain law and order since there are elements who try to disrupt it by criminal acts. This is so because no civil society is perfect—some people are left behind in education and economic progress, the chief factors that force people to indulge in criminal activities.

The police has, therefore, several tasks to perform in the first place it has to create an atmosphere in which people should develop respect for the law of the nation; secondly, after some crime has been committed the police has to investigate it and book the culprit. But its task is not over as yet; it has then to satisfy the judiciary about the involvement of the person or persons in the crime by producing evidence.

In performance of all these tasks the police is supposed to behave in a dignified manner formerly, the policemen were supposed to be tough both physically and mentally. This conception has given way to novel expectations like the policemen to be sober and decent and to be engaged in developmental activities.

2. Rome Was Not Built In A Day

Any great thing cannot be achieved in a single day. It takes years of toil to achieve something great. The story of Rome is not the saga of a day. It is woven out of die patient tears and smiles of the people. It is the result of sufferings and sacrifices.

It is true of everything good, great and enduring. People cannot get anything precious by a mere chance. Newton’s scientific achievements took him several years to explore what Was hidden. Likewise, a remarkable success proceeds from labour, determination and years of patient sufferings.

3. Might Is Right

In this world we find that might is right. A strong man oppresses the weak one. He breaks the cannons of morality. He defies authority. He becomes powerful. No one dares to intervene. This rule also applies to the strong nations of the world. The strong nations overrun small nations. They seize the rights of those who do not follow their policy. They do not care for world opinion. They keep their enemies under subjection regardless of the codes of ethics. They brook no interference. They flout the will of people, stiffle the voice of humanity. The world stands against. So it is correct to say that might is right.

4. Education Of A Girl Child

Education of a girl child is becoming a major programme in all developing countries today, particularly in India. It is well-known that reformers and political activities of the freedom struggle paid great attention to women’s education. They motivated people to take serious interest in the education of girls without which, they emphasized, there could be no progress of India.

In the last decade, the Government of India has taken up several measures to expand the base of education to girls, particularly in rural areas and slums in cities and towns. Poverty being the greatest obstacle, the government has initiated measures for enrolment of girl students. The Government of Bihar recently has launched a seheme of providing bicycles to all girl students in villages as well as in towns.

This has yielded concrete results- it has helped cultivate positive personality traits such as self-confidence, independence and physical fitness. Many NGOS are also working in this field, creating awareness of the need of education in securing employment and overall well – being of women The coming years are bound to see further increase in the education of girls who will become agents of change and progress in Indian society.

5. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Honesty is an invaluable quality of man. It is a principle, not a policy. Policies change. But principles do not change. It is needed in every walk of life. A businessman cannot flourish if he is not honest in his dealings with his customers. He may earn much wealth but this will be temporary.

His true wealth and progress lie in his honesty. Only an honest businessman survives in the market. Similarly, a dishonest politician cannot win the faith of the people. He cannot be a north star, but a falling star. An honest man may be victim of poverty. But he lives a happy life. He deserves our respect. Thus, it is right to say that honesty is the best policy:

6. Bliss Of Solitude

While no same person can live in complete loneliness for a long time moments of solitude are essential for introspection arid calm enjoyment of the beauty of nature and of inner peace. Wordsworth is so far the only poet to have celebrated the virtues of solitude. In his poem The Daffodils he speaks of the moment of solitude when the scene of the dancing daffodils flashes upon the inward eye.

Although it is something quite extraordinary in respect of Wordsworth, a poet given to reflection over the beauty of nature, the same is true of ordinary men and women also. In solitude a person is free from all agitating thoughts and impulses.

Since there is nobody to distract or disturb the current of his thoughts he realizes that in such moments the mind devells at pleasant memories, nature, the bounties of God and the beauty of life. The ideas regarding the above subjects come to his mind gradually but definitely in a very- calm fashion. Solitude thus leads man to a state of bliss.

7. Health Is Wealth

No one can deny the fact that health is wealth. Money is a source of pleasure. But only a healthy man can enjoy these pleasures. If a man is ill, he cannot enjoy the delights of life. A sickly man finds his life dull and insipid. Neither food nor money can give him any excitement. A healthy man is always happy. He wears a cheerful look. He likes even simple food. Even a bare cot brings him sweet sleep. He is hopeful. He is bubbling with energy. He finds the treasure of joys and beauties scattered every where. Life to him is no vale of tears. It is a ringing stream of laughter.

8. Slow And Steady Wins The Race Or, Haste Makes Waste

Success does not depend on haste or hurry. The key to success is sustained industry. Irregular work leads one to failure. Sustained attempts lead us to success. The race between a hare and a tortoise is an example of this truth. The hare runs fast. It gets ahead of the tortoise. It stops for a rest. The tortoise cannot run fast. It moves slow . It moves slowly but steady. It wins the race. This shows that success is the result of sustained industry. One should work steadily to achieve success.

9. Art Of Good Writing

The first thing to learn about the art of good writing is to keep one’s mind clear about the points of the topic. Clarity of mind helps a person organise his thoughts systematically—it provides a situation in which the person can select appropriate words for the thoughts that arise in his mind.

The next step would be to form a style for the subject in imitation of a good model. In the beginning a model acts as a perfect guide in moderating the tone and content of the writing. Afterwards, it would be possible to reflect critically and to form an individual style of one’s own.

There is no need to worry about ostentation or rhetoric which Iriay rather obstruct the natural flow of thoughts. A simple style consisting of appropriate words is always effective. This is the formula adopted by even eminent writers. In the last it would be advisable to use a modem form—it renders the subject intelligible and widens the compass of communication.

10. Where There Is Will, There Is A Way

Will power is necessary for exploration. Unless a man has will power, he will try to find out the way. A man cannot be learned if he does not have the will. Everything does not come by chance or luck. Labour is a key to success. Labour is not possible without will. For success, students must have a will to study.

People can achieve success in life if they are willing to work. All inventions and discoveries are due to the will of human beings. If people are determined, they can explore different avenues—they can explore the Surface of the earth and gather pearls from the bottom of the sea.

11. No Risk, No Gain
Or, Try, Try Again
Or, No Gains Without Pains
Or, Only The Brave Deserve The Fair
Or, Nothing Venture, Nothing Gain
Or, Patience Pays In The Long Run
Or, Failures Are But Pillars Of Success

Fortune is the reward of bravery. Fortune does not smile upon those who are weaklings and shaky. Shaky people dare not face the hazards of life. They fear trials and tribulations as children fear ghosts in the darkness. Those who want fortune to smile on them must need be plucky.

They must take risks. Unless they venture, they can gain nothing. Brave men tilt the balance in adverse situations to their favour. By their courage, they can turn the course of events. Such people move the world. They win the prize. They can dive to the bottom of the sea to gather pearls. Fortune favours such daring people. They may falter and fail. But each failure, gives them new insight, new experience. These failures turn out to be the. pillars of success.

12. All That Glitters Is Not Gold Or, Appearances Are Deceptive

We are aware of the fact that gold glitters and it is a valuable thing but it is not true of all glittering objects. There are many things in this world, that are bright in look but they have no worth. There are many persons who speak sweetly and pose to be very good friends. But in reality they have poison in their hearts.

They do not mean what they say. They show their poses and try to cover up their real intention. We are deceived. We take them at their word. Thus we can say that the real worth of a man cannot be determined by what he says; it can be determined only by what he does.

13. As You Sow, So You Reap

Everybody knows that if he sows bad seeds, he cannot expect to reap a rich harvest. In the same w$y bad actions always produce bad results. If you do a good turn, you are paid back in the same coin. If you go down the wrong road you lose face. If you touch fire, your finger will be burnt. If you expose yourself to the chilly air, you catch cold.

If you drink excess, you stagger and stumble. No good, then, is served by taking to foul means. The gain is purely temporary. The wicked fellow seems to prosper. It is an illusion. He is punished by God. He wears a sihile, but his heart does bleed. He goes the Macbeth way. But a virtuous man gets rich rewards here and hereafter. His actions give him glory. He becomes immortal.

14. Intellectual Freedom

Only when there is no pressure on mind it can function properly. It can then sort out ideas, observe things and facts and help a person take correct decisions. But we all know that social institutions and prejudices as well as scholastic modes and practices tend to exert an adverse influence on human mind in all parts of the world.

A child, a teenager and even a grown up person is subjected to multiple pressure which results in stereotyped ideas and nations. Therefore in all progressive societies much importance is attached to intellectual freedom. All that obstructs the functioning of mind is clearly identified and people are encouraged to think in a constructive fashion at the earliest stage.

The teaching of logic in all ancient institutions is a testimomy to this fact. In the present age the proof of intellectual feedom can be seen in the realm of science where every scientist is encouraged to be sceptical of old theories and advance independently into his area of research.

15. Labour Never Goes In Vain

The given proverb has been in vogue for a long time in this world. Honest labour is always rewarded. It works like magic. The man who labours hard gets success. But idle talkers do little. They show themselves to be busy. They fail miserably. On the other hand, those who labour while’ others sleep succeed.

They devote themselves to their work. They suffer but stand firm. They continue to work till they achieve what they crave for. Trials and tribulations do not dampen their spirit. Facing all that befalls them, they work on and on. Their labour is rewarded at last.

16. Cut Your Coat According To Your Cloth Or, Waste Not, Want Not

Man should live within his means. Wasteful expenditure leads to disaster. You should not exhaust your resources. You must save something against a rainy day. If you do not cut your coat according to your cloth, you soon come to grief. You beg and borrow . You, thus, shame yourself. You are chased by the money lender.

You vainly try to escape him. He exacts a high rate of interest. You are thus fleeced. Little do you realise that waste brings want. The more extravagant you are, the more money you need. You are losqr in the bargain. Then why should you live beyond your means ?

17. Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together Or, A Man Is Known By The Company He Keeps

Man is a social animal. He must have company. And usually he seeks the company of his equals. Therefore, persons of the same profession, or principle, or character generally gather together.

Indeed, persons of similar taste and temperament get along quite nicely. For instance, an honest man seeks the company of upright persons. A lazy person is at home with idle ones, and a criminal with men of ill repute.

Thus, a knowledge of the company of a man will let you know what type of man he is. It is a sure method of judging his character. For, a virtuous man will not be found in the company of sinners, nor sinners in the company of men of virtue. Need we then, add that a man is known by the company he keeps ?

18. United We Stand, Divided We Fall Or, Unity Is Strength Or, Union Is Strength

United we stand, divided we fall. One cannot work wonders alone. He can ao so if he is backed by others. If a man is alone and single, he is helpless. Similarly, a nation is strong if the countrymen are united. If they are divided the v- country becomes weak. It is easier to break a stick but impossible to break a undle of sticks.

By co-operation, a hard work becomes easy. A team without ‘-operation cannot beat the opponents. In this way the safety of a nation opends on unity. Division brings about the downfall of the country. So, it is correct to say that union is strength.

19. Time And Tide Wait For No Man
Or, Make Hay While The Sun Shines
Or, Take Time By The Forelock
Or, Time Is Money
Or, A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

It is said that man should use his time in a proper way. It is the key to savings and success. A hole in a shirt may be mended easily. It will cost very little. If the hole is not mended immediately, it will widen and damage the whole shirt. The bright sunny weather can help us to prepare hay but a cloudy weather cannot.

That is if something is left uncared for one has to pay for it heavily. Everything, however insignificant it may be, deserves proper care. Lessons prepared in time prevent difficulties afterwards. A small leak sinks a great ship unless it is stopped timely. We are to be, therefore, very careful in the use of time. We should not allow golden opportunities to slip off. We are to take time by the forelock remembering that time and tide wait for none.

20. Self- Help Is The Best Help Or, Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves

No one can face difficulties unless he learns to depend on himself. The habit of defending one’s self, a determination to find one’s resources within one’s self, develops strength.

Crutches were intended for the crippled, not for able-bodied young people. Whoever attempts to go through life on mental crutches will not go far. He will never be very successful. The pampered youth, who is not obliged to work rarely discovers what is there in him. But one who makes the best use of the powers God has given one and puts one’s own shoulder to the wheels deserves heaven’s grace.