Character Sketch of Betsey Trotwood in David Copperfield

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Character Sketch of Betsey Trotwood in David Copperfield

Give the character sketch of Betsey Trotwood.
Or, “Betsey Is a woman of independent nature.” Discuss.
Or, Betas? is a lover of real virtue.” Discuss.

Betsey Trotwood is a woman of arresting personality. She is a fairy mother to David She plays a very important role in the life of the hero of the novel.

Betsey in fact is a woman of independent nature and strong views. She does not care for public opinion. She drives her carriage herself through the streets of Canterbury in defiance of public opinion. When she does not like a person, she tells him so bluntly and fearlessly. She speaks plainly to Uriah Heep, She is even ready to give a physical chastisement to him.

Betsey is a kind and generous woman. She herself has suffered a lot. Therefore, she knows what suffering means to others. She is always prepared to help the suffering and needy person. She adopts him and tries her best to settle him in life. She proves to be the saviour of David.

Betsey is a lover of real virtue. She has a hatred for meanness. Before sending David to school, she advises him in a motherly way to avoid three vices A meanness, dishonesty, and cruelty. She is kind to Dora. She praises Agnes for her good qualities and is happy when David marries her in the end. She is kind to Mr. T and Mrs. Micawber and helps them to emigrate to Australia She possesses a high sense of morality, dignity, and character. She cannot be judged by the appearance she keeps but by the kind heart and soul she has.

Betsey is, in fact, very dignified, sympathetic, and helpful. Perhaps her own marriage has made her eccentric and created a grim impression on her mind. Perhaps her own unhappiness in marriage is reflected in her attitude toward Dora. She has undaunted courage and determination. When she loses all her property, she does not suffer a breakdown but faces the situation with a cool and quiet mind. She is a practical woman and puts her ideas and ambitions into practice. Though haughty, she is never mean and vulgar. She is friendly towards her servants, John and Peggotty.

To conclude, Betsey plays a very important role in moulding David’s life and character and paves the way for his success and happiness.