Character Sketch of David Copperfield

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Character Sketch of David Copperfield

Write a character sketch of David Copperfield.
Give, the character sketch of David Copperfield.
Or, “David Copperfield is a man of helping attitude.” Discuss.
Or, “David is a man of sensitive nature.” Discuss.

It is rightly said that as the novel is autobiographical David Copperfield ( is a prototype of Charles Dickens. In drawing his character Dickens has certainly used the memories of his childhood and youth, especially of his feelings and thoughts as he suffered the pressures of domestic unhappiness, poverty, ill-treatment by teachers and schoolmates and the growing urges for proper education and dignified living.

A large part of the novel is focused on the child David. A posthumous child, he develops a great feeling for his dead father whose grave he can see at different hours of the day. His attachment to his mother is also touching. He has great satisfaction that his mother is pretty and loves him so much.
But his powers of observation show that he has an alert mind. Before his mother marries Mr. Murdstone he has a justified dislike of the man. From his physical appearance to mental attributes, he detests everything about him.

After his mother’s marriage life becomes very distressing for him. But he can fight back. When Mr. Murdstone canes him mercilessly he bites his hand off, Later on, this courage helps him carve a niche for himself.

His experiences at the shoe polish factory are many. There is the excruciating feeling of poverty and then an experience of meeting people like Micawers who could be very civil and helpful despite poverty. David’s decision ta-pay a visit to his great aunt is indeed a turning point. The so-called harsh lady takes him to Mr. Wickfield and to Dr. Strong’s school which helps David acquire a useful education in a conducive atmosphere. Now he meets Agnes whose calm reserve has a tranquilizing effect on his mind.

It is true that he is not very good at making the right connections. He chooses Dora as his wife, who cannot give him full support. But David has been a little introspective, open to the feelings of others, and is very kind and generous. These qualities help him solve the numerous problems of his life. We have, great satisfaction when David, at last, marries Agnes. For the beginning of a truly happy life, this union was essential. David overcomes all difficulties by his perseverance and his rational bent of mind.


David Copperfield is the central character of the novel. All the events revolve around him. That is why he has become an immortal literary figure.
David Copperfield is a slim boy. He has a handsome personality wife an open, frank, and generous nature. Therefore, everybody likes him and he forms a lifelong friendship with Steerforth and Traddles. He is also liked by and cared for by Agnes and Mr. Wickfield, and then Dora. It is all due to his amiable nature and good heart that he is able to create a place for himself in a materialistic world.

David Copperfield is a man of a helping attitude. He helps others. While living with Micawbers, he helps them to sell their belongings in order to pay their debts. Even when they are in prison, David daily goes to see and help them in his own small way. Similarly, he goes to Peggotty, his nurse, when he hears that Barkis, her husband is seriously ill. He is grateful to his aunt, and he helps her much when she is in financial difficulties.

David is a man of a highly sensitive nature. He cannot bear the least insult or neglect and suffers terribly as a consequence. When Mr. Murdstone gives him worse treatment, he does not tolerate it. At school, he feels unhappy about Steerforth insulting Mr. Mell for his poverty.

David is honest, kind, and conscientious. In his life, he never took recourse to dishonesty even when he has to suffer in consequence. When, after his engagement with Dora, he realizes that he has suddenly become poor, he thinks it proper to prepare Dora for marrying a poor man. He is faithful and grateful to all those who help him in difficulty. It is out Of his gratitude that he helps her in the hour of distress. It is on account of his respect for his old master, Dr. Strang that he accepts a job under him on a very low wage. In the face of his sufferings, he is undaunted. He is sincere and faithful in friendship. As a nephew, as a friend, and as a husband, he has no rival. He brings joy and comfort to all.

Thus, the life of David is the life sketch of Dickens himself. He is the child of environment and temperament like Dickens himself. Adversity puts a man on his true merit. Misery is the true test of our genuine worth. David is made by his trial and tribulations.