Cold Wave Summary Questions and Answers

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Cold Wave Summary Questions and Answers

Question 1.
Write down a Summary of Cold Wave.
K.A. Abbas was among those few Indian writers who were deeply influenced by Marxism. A versatile person who wrote stories for several successful films, he reveals in his writings a touching concern for the poor, their simple and honest way of living, and the exploitation they are continuously subjected to.

The present story is about an idealistic young man of an affluent family who is disowned by his father for his love for Radha, a dancing girl Nirmal, the handsome protagonist of the story, is a poet who little cared for the worldly prospects. He never knew that his father would not permit him to marry Radha, the beautiful dancing girl of the town. When the father threatened to disown him, Nirmal immediately left his palatial house.

He came to the house of Radha with the fervent hope that she would be as devoted to him as he was to her — he tHoiiglit the two could get some job which would help them live independently. But Radha’s reactions were quite different — She refused to have anything to do with a young man who had been disinherited by his rich father.

The story explores Nirmal’s mind and maps his wonderings in search of help and success from his friends. With the small amount that he had in the pockets of his Kurta he came to Delhi and approached a number of his friends. But none was kind enough to lend him some money with which he could pass off his days in peace.

Shivering in the cold wave he wanders from street to street till he reaches Connaught Place in the night. A blind beggar accosts him for help. As Nirmal tries to cover his shivering body with an old newspaper his eyes turn to the news of cold wave that is sweeping Delhi currently.

Already he is feeling frozen, the newspaper only adds to his anxieties. In the meantime, he notices a woman who asks for a match box. The woman also notices the young man in silk Kurta and immediately guesses that he is a victim of circumstances. She to come closer.’Together, she argues, they could fight the cold wave.

K.A. Abbas has cold wave as a metaphor for the suffering inflicted by the rich over the poor. The rich have their own social code, they will not stand deviation from it. A man can allow his son to be intimate with a dancer, but he won’t permit him to marry her. Thus a way of exploitation is established and continues for ever. The young man’s rebellion is used as a wave of change.

Question 2.
Sketch the character of Baldeo alias Nirmal Meeruti.
Baldeo is the protagonist of the story Cold Wave. He is a handsome young man, properly educated and is a poet. But he seems to be a romantic and an idealist who does not understand the ways of the world. He is sincere in his beliefs and actions. He is in love with a beautiful dancer, Radha.

When he announces his intention to marry her his wealthy father threatens to disown him. Paying no heed to the consequences that could follow this. Baldeo alias Nirmal Meeruti leaves his house and proceeds to Radha’s house.

Nirmal had expected a little sympathy from Radha, also a reiteration of her pledge to be with him in all circumstances. But the young lady has greater common sense to attach herself with this penniless man. She coolly refuses to do anything with him. This is the most shocking realization for Nirmal — for the first time he comes to understand that even love in this world is not without material concerns.

Nirmal has not fully broken yet. He has belief in his friends who, he thinks, may help him tide over the crisis. With a little money that he had in the pockets of his Kurta he comes to Delhi. He tries several of his rich friends but without success. On knowing that Nirmal stands disowned by his father, they all turn distant and cool.

Swallowing all this indifference, Nirmal decides to spend the night in Connaught Place – As he tries to cover his body with a sheet of newspaper, he catches the sight of a report of the cold wave sweeping Delhi and the suburbs in the current season.

Already Nirmal is suffering, the report only adds to him mental agitation as well as to his feeling of cold. The way  Nirmal accepts the invitation of the destitute woman shows that he is free from all prejudice. He seems to believe the woman’s words. Without a care for his future he accepts her invitation with the belief that he can now face all inclement weather with strength.

Nirmal thus is a young man of radical ideas, sincere and warm, who is not ready to make any compromise with the exploiting elders of the society. It is this display of guts, this integrity that makes Nirmal’s character so appealing.