Critical Appreciation of The Poem If

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Critical Appreciation of The Poem If

Question 1.
Write a critical appreciation of IF.
Rudyard Kipling is known as an imperialist writer. But is some of his writing he reveals lover for Indian people and landscape.

He wrote a few didactic poems also. If is a didactic poem-in the form of an address of a father to his son. The father is an experienced person and he wishes to impart such basic lessons that may help his son in leading a blameless life. The emphasis of the father is on the importance of integrity and the fulfillment of one’s chosen mission in the face of all difficulties.

He starts by saying that the purity of thought and action is the key of success. Everything must be done on a rational basis, taking into account the practical value of a thing. It is good to have personal goals, but they should be harmonized with social values. After all man’s standing is social-he cannot disregard society though he may work for eradication of social evils.

Kipling has a very realistic view of the world. The world is not a pleasant place nor are the people always simple and good. There may be obstruction to one’s plans form others. To overcome these one needs strong conviction and a determination to face every challenge.

In the end, Kipling lets the father elaborate upon the value of circumspection and goodness. Only by right efforts one can contribute to the making of a better world.